Montreal Pride 2013


The ALCC/CCVA was at the Montreal Pride festivities again, at Community Day and in the Parade. Thank you to those who helped at the table, and thank you to those who marched along with us!

Community Day was great! A chance to meet people and talk about what the ALCC/CCVA is and does and make as well a lot of connections with local groups! It was hot in the sun, but we all had a great time!


The Parade was FABULOUS! Again near the leather and rubber community, and marched behind the leather flag! Vanessa got the crowd going when they got too quiet, encouraging them to make noise! Lots of presence! Like a rock star! Needless to say I think her voice was hoarse afterwards. But she says it was most definitely worth it! And all this with a broken knee cap! I guess once a soldier always lol. She soldiered on well.Image

We look forward to next years Pride!



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  1. Wow! Absolutely wonderful!!! Congrats to the ALCC/CCVA team. Looks to have been an amazing time at this years Pride Parade and Festivities. I’m so impressed with everyone and all that’s happening at the centre these days. Vanessa, you look INCREDIBLE!!! So sexy as a cop wow!!! I’m so deeply grateful and thankful to all of you. Who could ask for a more dedicated bunch! I love, honor and cherish you and all.

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