Completed the Play Monitor class! NOW WHAT??!!!

Great turn-out for the Play Monitor training, yay!!! This goes to show how many great people are out there that want to give back to the community by keeping public play parties safe! Thank you to everyone for your interest and participation.


It’s impossible to cover all the necessary info and topics even in a three hour class. While theory is important as well as understanding the basics, Play Monitor training really happens in real time out at events, learning from skilled monitors who can help you. We ask that you attend at least six events in training as an “observer” before you decide to take on the role of monitor and always ask the advice of trained and skilled Veteran Play Monitors.


If you received the manual, we ask that you take the time to read it cover to cover and learn it. Contact the ALCC to come in and write the PM test, it is based entirely on the manual. If you pass the test we will sign you up with a Veteran Monitor and six upcoming events to observe and train at. Let us know if you are willing to travel since we often have opportunities in other communities outside of Montreal, Quebec and even Canada.

During your apprenticeship you will need to obtain your First Aid/CPR certification. We are currently trying to schedule this training at the ALCC. Stay posted for dates!

Finally, if you would like to receive your certificate of completion for the taking the time to educate yourselves about safe play, please contact us ( with the name you would like to appear on it and when you will be able to pick it up.

We look forward to maintaining safe play spaces with each of you!

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