ACCM Sex nerds Unite

10896834_10101918688504787_2935238606340790620_nThanks to ACCM and Andreas for inviting the ALCC to be a part of this fantastic Event: Sex Nerds Unite. For those that aren’t in the loop, Sex Nerds was a book club started by Phuong of the infamous Joy Toyz that has now been passed on to be led by the fabulous Andreas!!!

 We had a sweet little space where we could put our spanking bench, cage and various implements of pleasure and offer kink Ed to anyone interested! Thanks to Kim from ACCM/SIDA, so awesome to see you again after two years and know that you’re still going strong for Aids Community Care Montreal!!! We appreciate all you did for us.

 What fun showing everyone how to flog, that was GREAT! You all did so well regardless of your newbie inhibitions. We had a blast!!!

 A special thank you to Nathalie and Zeffen from the ALCC for volunteering your time and energy to this event.


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