Concordia University SEXPO69

Sexpo 60 02

Woo hoo, this was a SEXpositively SEXpendous event… yeah I know, over the top! Who knew that the AHSC (Applied Human Sciences Concordia University Student Association) was so “kinky?!” I mean seriously, they had all these great people with great tables and they seemed to know WAY more than the average “vanilla.”

 Thank you to the folks who helped set us up with a table, and who literally put their BUTTS on the line to demo for a good cause. We also appreciated the help with photocopies and human power too! I must admit I was truly touched by the guy who was smoking a cigarette just outside the door when I brought in the cage and stocks, because if not for him, I would’ve never made it through the door. Peace bro!

 Shout out to Mistress Von Hell Kitty for the invite or we would never have known it was happening. You rock sista!

 We look forward to being invited back next year for more fun risky adventures in your SEXPOsitions lol!

– Alura

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