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Special guest at the Flogging Group this Sunday! / Une invité spéciale pour ce dimanche !

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logoSpecial guest for this Sunday! The lovely Ms-V whip maker will be joining us to give her advice on they types of floggers to choose for a specific tasks or to meet your physical needs/challenges. She’ll also have some of her top of the line, hand crafted floggers at affordable prices available for sale for anyone wishing to purchase for the flogging group. Read the rest of this entry

It’s Not Just Men Like Christian Grey Who Find Acceptance in Submission

BDSM: Beyond Those Exciting Chains and Whips

The popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, with its dominant male protagonist, has not only thrust BDSM and its taboos into the spotlight of popular culture, but has also reinforced traditional gender roles and male sexual domination along with an extreme version of BDSM—which wasn’t exactly handled well in the film by director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Reality, however, offers an alternative to the prevailing mode of thought promoted by 50 Shades of Grey and indeed the supermajority of pornographic BDSM videos on the Internet, which present BDSM as male-domination crazed. Read the rest of this entry

Teaching about Alternative Lifestyles at CEGEP Sainte Anne’s

Saint anne logoThis was a truly rewarding opportunity to educate about alternative lifestyles. The students were around 18 and 19yrs and we bridged the topic of sex, emerging orientations and alternatives to traditional relationships such as Polyamory. We had a chance to clarify many misconceptions about Trans* and what the issues are. I was incredibly impressed at how open some of them were and also how closed and judgemental others were. The most rewarding part of this particular experience was the feedback I received a month later.

Below are the actual write-ups the students submitted on my lecture. Read the rest of this entry