Teaching about Alternative Lifestyles at CEGEP Sainte Anne’s

Saint anne logoThis was a truly rewarding opportunity to educate about alternative lifestyles. The students were around 18 and 19yrs and we bridged the topic of sex, emerging orientations and alternatives to traditional relationships such as Polyamory. We had a chance to clarify many misconceptions about Trans* and what the issues are. I was incredibly impressed at how open some of them were and also how closed and judgemental others were. The most rewarding part of this particular experience was the feedback I received a month later.

Below are the actual write-ups the students submitted on my lecture.

Thank you to the staff, students and to Sainte Anne’s for this wonderful experience and most importantly, to Ava for being a truly inspiring educator that presents important opportunities for growth and learning!

– Alura

Mar 23 Saint Anne International College

Hi Alura,

I hope all is well! This semester I had students choose one of the guest speakers that we had and write some feedback and thoughts about them. They could choose from among 3 so not everyone chose the same one, but I thought that you might like to hear the feedback they had for your workshop. These are directly from the students’ papers.

Thanks again – I’ll definitely be contacting you again when the class is offered! 🙂

1) I have to admit I knew very little on the subject on BDSM. I initially knew it from “Fifty Shades of Grey”. I knew it could involve whips and ropes, but I could not understand how it could possibly be pleasurable to anyone. To me, it was only practiced by sadistic people. This perception is so inexact. She especially sold me on to the “dominance and submission”; I used to see the submissive role comparable to being a slave (and not in a good way) instead of what it really is: the relinquishment of control over yourself to your partner.

2) I really love the way the speaker was comfortable with all of the material she covered. She was dynamic, very well informed and funny. The topic of sex, let alone bondages and erotic preferences, can be very awkward, but she did a really good job of making us feel very comfortable. I appreciated how opened up to us on her personal experiences and anecdotes.

3) Finally, the conference was really impressive and the lecturer was really at ease with us, so it was easy for the class to ask questions. She was a really good st annespeaker.

4) What I found interesting is when we asked questions about nudism and the guest speaker wasn’t afraid to tell us the real answer without being shy about the question or the answers. In a workshop like this, we can fell a little bit awkward to ask questions but she was really open and made us feel comfortable about everything.

5) The only thing I would like to tell her is that she should continue and her ease in front of the class made everyone comfortable. She was really energetic which kept my attention during the whole workshop.

6) I would like to thank Alura for her great presentation, she was prepared, she knew what she was talking about, and her experience as a teacher shows through her work.

7) Although I learned many new things during this presentation, I still got questions that are unanswered. The first one is, how do you know that you’re different then the others? How old are you when you realize that you do not fit in the mold that society is giving us? It would be very interesting to know that to understand some behaviour that may have children or adolescents. I’m also curious to know where these communities are situated in Montreal and how many of these communities are present in Montreal.

8) I really appreciated this conference because first, of the level of comfort that the speaker had: she seemed really comfortable to speak about these sensitive things. Because she was comfortable with what she was saying, I tend to pay more attention to what she was saying. Also, it was very interactive and we felt implicated in the conference. The only hic about the conference is that, I think, she explained the differences between transexual, transgender and some other terms very fastly, therefore I am still a bit confused about what they mean.

9) To me, it was the most interesting workshop I have ever been to. I think the speaker has a really great way to attract people to listen and to interest them at the same time. It was pleasurable and fun to learn about alternative lifestyles with someone so kind and enthusiastic. I felt really open-minded when I got out of the class and I really felt like I learned new things, which is very great.

10) I really loved the speeker who came, she was very open and easy to listen. Her subject isn’t a subject easy to talked about and she really make it work, people were all quiet and listen to her all the time.

11) All in all, this was probably one of the most captivating presentations I have ever been given to this day. I feel like the information received was eye-opening and did a lot to remove judgement since all these lifestyles are based on the same values as any other type of relationship, trust and respect.

12) that lady was really amazing, she was talking to us with so much confidence about something that is not always easy to talk about because some of the term in her presentation were kind of taboo. The fact that she was a dominatrix but also a McGill graduate amazed me! She was able to keep our attention during three hours; I really recommended you bring her back for the next session that you will present this class.

13) even if it were really really interesting, the conference was a bit long (because she did not take a break). With all the new information she kept feeding us, my brain was almost ready to explode.

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