QC Kink – Alternative Lifestyles Festival


Quebec City Alternative Lifestyles Festival – May 15 to 18, 2015

What a huge weekend this was for the ALCC. We were very happy we had the chance to support Master Severyn in his sincere initiative to offer education and an introduction into the Quebec city alternative scene. It is very challenging to create these events in a conservative place like Quebec City. Master Severyn has been dedicated for many years now trying to bring regular events, workshops and opportunities for kinksters and alternative folk to meet and have fun. As well, he tries to encourage those curious or werry of our communities to ask questions and learn more.

This event embodied truly embodied all the elements a great Alternative Festival should. The people who made this event possible were some of the most fun, and most entertaining folks there. We met so many really great poeople over this weekend. There were a few naysayers that did nothing but complain about imperfections here and there but if you look at the amount of time, MONEY and energy it took to bring the folks of Quebec City this kind of event, a few hicups are easily overlooked in my book. Nothing ever happens without a few glitches and I’m really impressed with how they were handled.

I was also very impressed with the lovely co-organizer Lylou. She worked incredibly hard and never seemed to be stressed or curt with anyone. I have no idea how she did it but she certainly helped make the event a success.

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I had the opportunity to train four new Play Monitors as the ALCC was in charge of the dungeon and maintaining safe play. For the most part everyone enjoyed themselves and while there were plenty of “educational opportunities”, mostly people played respectfully and safely. Our hidious safety vests were unfortunately over the top, but we had no time for cool t-shirts lol. We received excellent feedback about the set-up of the dungeon and how we handled the space. Thanks everyone.

We also offered 10 workshops, over the weekend. That was such a treat and our coordinators did an amazing job. Thank you Mr Panda, Baby Sarah, Vanessa, and all others who helped with the workshops and making them a success. I’d also like to say a special thank you to CatryPoly, Sir Sinister, CyberTrix, Empress Mystique and all the others who did such an amazing job as monitors, I’m truly proud of all of you. Go TEAM!!!

Of course, a most important and heart felt thank you goes out to Master Severyn for putting together such a huge initiative. You have our support!

– Contessa Alura

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