Monthly Archives: August 2015

Big news for our groups and leaders in September…

new leader postAs we say goodbye to summer and welcome in the fall season, we are saying goodbye to some of our amazing group leaders and welcoming a slue of new ones.

First, an enormous thank you to Russ, the leader of the Poly group for the past two years. Your dedication and commitment will not be forgotten, please don’t forget us in your adventures and know that we are truly grateful to you and all you’ve done for us. Another so long to Sophie, the founder and initial leader of the Bisexual’s group. Your sassy self is sorely missed… Read the rest of this entry

Pride 2015

Pride was a blast again this year!!! We’re always impressed with how many folks come to watch the parade and show their support. The ALCC would like to extend it’s sincerest, heartfelt thanks to all of you who came to march with us under our banner. There was a very nice group of Poly folks that showed up, three amazing leather men that could have joined the other Leather Men but marched with us, of course to the ALCC team & members that came out, and to Vanessa and Baby Sarah for carrying our banner the whole way. Of course, we have to say a special thanks to Zeffen for his creativity in building an AMAZING chariot that no-one could miss!!! Great times everyone!

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