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The silly, the sassy, and the SERIOUS!

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A deep but rewarding Sunday

Though we had a small group for all the activities today, the attendees were incredibly thougthful and full of insight. Each person contributed their own opinions to the workshops and made up for those who decided to enjoy the last bit of summer outside instead of at the ALCC.

At the Clothing Fetishes workshop, there were questions about “where to start?” when it relates to cross-dressing if you’re not particularly kinky or interested in going to a fetish or BDSM party, “when does an interest become and obsession?” (such as waist sinching in corsets), and “how do outfits or lack of style define you in the BDSM community”? Read the rest of this entry

A very kinky Sunday / Un dimanche très kinky!

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This past Sunday, September 20, the ALCC held 2 workshops and a group, Pet Play, Anal Play, and the Bondage Practice Group. The attendance was awesome! Read the rest of this entry

Poly Group – “Dynamics and Roles of Hierarchical Polyamorous Relationships”

Poly relationship configurationsSunday’s most recent Poly Group had great attendance! This was also the first group that I had the opportunity to lead as our new English specific Poly Group facilitator. We talked about the topics of dynamics and roles of hierarchical Polyamorous relationships, and the resulting or required boundaries of partners and metamours. We also talked about the negotiations that must take place within partnerships to define the rules, and the merits of a veto privilege or lack thereof. The final quick topic of the night that was briefly discussed, was about combining existing families, and the potential challenges that might arise in such an endeavour.

– Sean

Bi Group – “Coming Out”

biThe last Bisexuals Group, held at the ALCC on September 13th, saw 15 persons exchange their ideas, experiences and opinions around the subject of “Coming Out”. The facilitator, after inviting every participant to introduce themselves, brought the subject by explaining the results of his own research and experiences, and then invited the participants to share their opinions. During the initial presentations, the participants were invited to propose subjects they would like to hear about, and the facilitator tried to address every one of those subjects by integrating them in the open discussion. Read the rest of this entry

ALCC at Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015 / le CCVA au Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015


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The ALCC was involved in the Montreal Fetish Weekend, coordinating and curating the workshops.

The Friday Workshops consisted of BDSM & Fetish on a Budget, Clothes Ripping, Military Interrogation Techniques and Sub Drilling, and Kinbaku Semenawa – Art and Beauty of Suffering… Read the rest of this entry