Daily Archives: November 16, 2015

Wrap, risk-reduction, and ropes!

The Mummification and Risk Reducing Self-Bondage workshops and the Bondage Practice Group!

First was the mummification, where Vanessa not only showed methods of mummifying someone, but also the safety and as well things you can do when someone is mummified. Whether it’s food wrap or pallet wrap, or even vet wrap, mummification is hot! (And in other ways of the word, as those mummified found out!)

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Common Poly Newbie Mistakes

Our Poly afternoon was off to a good start with a few of new students asking thoughtful queries surrounding the lifestyle. The group that followed, was well attended but regular participants. As a whole, we were asked to help initiates by considering the questions.” What pitfalls could a newly polyamorous person avoid, if we could advise them ahead of time.” We all make the same common mistakes and just reminding ourselves of the simple things is always in our best interest. A relationship is just that, between two people and needs to be nurtures on it’s own merit. A small group also met afterward to discuss it further. At it’s heart, our mission of informing our family and friends when ever possible makes Poly more main stream and helps us all.   Read the rest of this entry