Wrap, risk-reduction, and ropes!

The Mummification and Risk Reducing Self-Bondage workshops and the Bondage Practice Group!

First was the mummification, where Vanessa not only showed methods of mummifying someone, but also the safety and as well things you can do when someone is mummified. Whether it’s food wrap or pallet wrap, or even vet wrap, mummification is hot! (And in other ways of the word, as those mummified found out!)

With the risk-reducing self-bondage, Vanessa covered a lot of things to help reduce the risk for those who practice self-bondage. Also covered were techniques, release methods, and how to also make it more… “tormenting” for the person doing it to themselves. While self-bondage is one of the more riskier activities, having knowledge on how to reduce the risk is essential.

At the bondage group, ties were tried, as well as different knots and even some rope making! One member showed how to make a rope from only simple jute twine! The rope then turned out nice and could be used for non-suspension ties 🙂

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