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BDSM group / Groupe BDSM

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We had some new faces and varying perspectives. Our topic of discussion was sharing our different roles in BDSM and how we came to decide them. It seems easy at first to think you know what role you want to play in BDSM but when you really start to look at the options, it actually becomes much more challenging. Top/bottom, Dom(me)/sub, Switch,  these are only the most familiar roles. There’s pets, owners, ring leaders, Read the rest of this entry

Kinky Wrestling / Lutte Kinky

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What a blast! I was truly impressed by the openness and willingness of attendees to try out the wrestling with complete strangers of varying capabilities and identities. This was not an in-depth training with specialized skills kind of kinky wrestling that the infamous Mr. O teaches, though I LOVE his workshops. No-one can do what Mr. O does so forget it. No, I would say my workshop is more like street fighting, or scrapping like a wild beast unchained and Read the rest of this entry

Know your rights! / Connaître vos droits!

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BDSM and the Law

This workshop was very informative for myself and everyone who attended. I was joined by the …. who provided a much more in-depth explanation of the legal terms I discussed and provided court rulings as examples. Understanding the law and interpreting the law are two differnt subjects and when you inform people that asking for or receiving bodily harm in Canada is illegal… people who engage in BDSM are terrified and anyone considering experimenting in this type of play, quickly decide against it. We use the term RACK (risk aware consensual kink) to mean practicing BDSM responsibly. That includes Read the rest of this entry