Thank you everyone! – Salon de l’Amour 2016 – Grande merci a tout!!!

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January 15-17 the ALCC/CCVA was at the Salon de l’amour et de la seduction in the “Kink Corner.” We provided information, education, demonstrations, and educational stage presentations. The Vac-bed’s were unbelievably popular, as well as the violet wand! So many people were volunteering to try out different activities at our different play stations!!! All our communities were represented  (Poly, Trans*, Bi/Pansexual, Swingers, and Asexuals)! Thank you to all those who volunteered to help make this such a success and to all who stopped by!

– Vanessa

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ADDENDUM by Alura:


the wonderful set-up crew, of course our main coordinators Vanessa and Sabine, all the amazing ALCC volunteers (Martine, Empress Mystique, Sir Mad, Zeffen, Maitre Corbeau, Mermagirl, Sara-jay, Paul, Steph, Brain, Danyboy, Koneko, Dungeon Lord, Annie, Eric Cote, Josianne, Lady Arsenique, the huge number of volunteers for our Poly table that Eric Cote organized (whose names I decided not to post since they are not necessarily kink affiliated), and all those who work behind the scenes and remain nameless!

You ALL made this the best year yet and without you it would not be possible! I’m so grateful to all of you and impressed with how skilled, personable, fun, open, welcoming, enthusiastic, and truly GREAT you were. I’m shocked at just how many people we had participating in some of the crazy, fun and wonderful things we do. We reached so many folks this year with our message of acceptance.

My deepest and sincerest thanks to you all.

– Contessa Alura
Director of Education

P.S. If I forgot ANYONE please forgive me and mention your name below and I will add you to this post!


De Janvier 15-17 du CLCA / CCVA était au Salon de l’amour et de la séduction dans le “Kink Corner”. Nous avions kink passe et a même eu notre propre table pour polyamoureux!

Nous avons fourni l’information, de l’éducation, des démonstrations et des spectacles sur scène qui étaient éducatif. Les vacbeds se sont avérées très populaires! Ainsi que la baguette violette! Les gens étaient tellement enthousiastes et intéressés à essayer de nouvelles choses! Tant Kink!

Et information a été donnée pour aider à repousser beaucoup de malentendus à propos de polyamour! Ainsi, trans, bi, pan, swinger, et asexuée!

Merci à tous ceux qui sont portés volontaires pour aider à rendre cela un tel succès! Et merci à tous ceux qui par arrêté!

About vanessacummings

Transsexual, involved in many trans causes, support, etc, as well as those in the alternative lifestyles.

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