Valentine’s day Bisexual Group

bisexualOn February 14th -such a romantic day-, the Bisexuals Group gathered  between 17h and 19h to review what Wikipedia had to say about bisexuality. We went diagonally through the pretty long article (reading the interesting sections),and stopped from time to time to discuss various subjects.


Our exchanges went towards further definitions about heteronormativity -by making a very interesting parallel with right-handedness versus left-handedness-, the social aspects of bisexuality, the apparent misconceptions about the over-sexualization of bisexuals, and we finished by exchanging our philosophies concerning self-discovery and self-acceptance. Don’t get me wrong: this all looks very serious, but we made jokes, laughed together, mingled and I think there was some flirting going around at some point. One of the participants wanted to hear real-life stories about bisexual behaviors and encounters and I made sure that person was satisfied.

For further research, there was some reference about a certain “Klein” classification, something along the lines of the Kinsey scale. I’ll make some research on that and come back about it in the next groups.

As always, it was a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to see you again soon!


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