July 10th Bisexual Group

bisexualWe gathered this Sunday, as usual, after the Poly groups. The month’s topic was “living in monogamous relationships”, a subject that brought varied opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of closed relationships for bisexuals. We used this article to start the discussions, and flowed towards the varied degrees of open relationships. The discussion engaged after that towards particularities of relationships between bisexuals, bi-hetero and bi-homo couples.

We noted observations of homophobia and biphobia in the public healthcare system (withing the staff) and a discussion popped concerning confrontational energy (the idea of confronting biphobic and judgemental people appropriately). We briefly talked about the Orlando shooting, flirting shyness and the roots of sexual orientation (how’s it’s built).

We finished by clarifying the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality at the request of a new participant, and invited everyone to next month’s meeting.

Thanks for participating!

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  1. Hey. I was not able to attend the last meeting in July . I am wondering why nothing is announced anymore in the Bi Montreal group when an event is supposed to happen? Have a nice summer. Yves😉

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