Deconstructing Gender Stereotypes: A Dancing Experience

dance-02Come join us Sept 25, 2016 at 5:15pm for a unique workshop that puts a creative spin on such a sensitive topic.

Sivan says, “What makes us say a particular way of moving is more masculine or feminine?” To deconstruct these cultural stereotypes, we’ll first explore the components of a movement (timing, muscle tone, direction, smoothness, etc.). That will help us understand how they contribute to each particular aesthetic, and enable us to mimic and play with them freely.

Ultimately, the goal of the workshop is to encourage people and give them the tools to express themselves with whatever movements best suits their message, beyond what societies teaches us based on our gender!

Sivan’s workshop is for anybody interested in gender related issues (your own or in general), non-verbal communication, or simply curious and wanting to have fun with their bodies. Bring sporty clothes, we will be mostly moving, exploring and playing with our bodies, like in a dance class.

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