November 13th Bisexual Group

The Bisexual Group gathered on the 2nd Sunday of November, the 13th, with a special guest: Lorena Lombardi, life coach, and last person responsible to the now defunct organism “bisexual
Bi Unité Montreal”. She presented herself, talked about the death of her once-famous organism and went on with the month’s subject: intersectionality. The subject spanned the different angles of discrimination (family-based, in professional context and around public instances like law enforcement and health services), then the different layers applicable to that concept (we used the example of stigmas on relationship styles, like polyamory, to add on the classic myths around bisexuality).
A particular question: “In what ways a male bisexual will experience their lifestyle differently than a female” closed the loop on intersectionality: it was agreed upon that every single person will experience their lifestyle differently, and everything else is stereotypical or a particular event. Statistics would fail to demonstrate any significant difference because everyone’s experience is influenced solely by who we are, our personality, and anyway the gender of a person is a point on a spectrum.

The group discussion went on around anecdotes of the bisexual lifestyle, including some examples where a person would live 2 subsequent relationships with persons of different genders, we talked about spaces and people with sufficient open-mindedness and non-judgement, where bisexuals like to hang out.

We closed the group by mentioning different classic myths about bisexuality (the phase, the difficulty of living fulfilling or happy monogamous relationships and the stigmas of bi-curious people). We decided that next month’s opening subject would be about “The struggles of coming out”.

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