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Deconstructing Gender Stereotypes: A Dancing Experience

dance-02Come join us Sept 25, 2016 at 5:15pm for a unique workshop that puts a creative spin on such a sensitive topic.

Sivan says, “What makes us say a particular way of moving is more masculine or feminine?” To deconstruct these cultural stereotypes, we’ll first explore the components of a movement (timing, muscle tone, direction, smoothness, etc.). That will help us understand how they contribute to Read the rest of this entry

ALCC welcomes our new Rope Educator for 2016, Isabelle Hanikamu

We are very pleased to announce that Isabelle Hanikamu from Kinbaku Dojo Montreal, will be teaching our rope classes in her unique and mesmerizing style.

She has trained under 奈加あきら Naka Akira and brings her in-depth knowledge and experience to the ALCC to share with everyone.

Below are the dates of her workshops.

Sep 25 1pm (13h)

Oct 16 3pm (15h)


Dec 18 3pm (15h)


Pangender/non-gender Tantric Puja below

Il est de tradition au sein des activités tantriques de diviser les groupes par genre. Les femmes représentent la divinité féminine (Shakti) et les hommes incarnent la divinité masculine (Shiva). Dans le Tantra, unir les énergies masculines et féminines lors d’une danse sacrée symbolique génère de l’extase et l’éveil spirituel. Aussi beau et puissant que ce concept l’est, je vous invite à séjourner au-delà de ce paradigme sexospécifique, car déterminer le sexe d’une divinité c’est aussi limiter cette divinité. Read the rest of this entry

Rap Battle for Social Justice

Workshop Saturday, March 19 at 3 PM 6 PM 1500 de Maisonneuve West, Suite 404 – Not Your 101: Gender History is Colonial History (In lead up to the Rap Battle 4 Gender Freedom)

Come to the Rap Battle for Gender Freedom, the 5th of The Rap Battles for Social Justice, where rap and spoken word artists who are trans people of colour, femme-identified people, as well queer and some cis allies will rap and speak about gender issues. Since gender oppression is prevalent in most communities, gender freedom represents the release from the shackles and the violence of the gender binary.

April 9, 2016 at Reggie’s Bar 1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8


Kink Research Study


The purpose of this research study is to understand the similarities and differences between the motivations, relational experiences, childhood histories, and characteristics of individuals who engage in intense BDSM sensation play and those who do or have engaged in non-suicidal self-injury behavior. Specifically the research study aims to understand the reasons and motivations behind these behaviors as well as the personality characteristics of those who engage in these behaviors. You are being asked to participate in this study because you identify as a BDSM participant who enjoys receiving intense sensation play or you have had a history of engaging in non-suicidal self-injury behavior or you engage in both kinds of activities.

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Awakening Your Authentic Self / Éveiller votre Moi authentique – 1e série

Français ci-dessous

We had the pleasure of attending a new workshop series lead by Shana, an amazingly talented Priestess. She wowed us all with her philosophical awakenings and very boisterous personality. She is full of energy, vibrant, and incredibly kind. I deeply enjoyed her presentation on awakening your authentic self. Shana used a great deal of scientific fact mixed with spiritual experiences to share her points of view and it had almost everyone in the room searching their own values and beliefs.

Many people are constantly questioning human existence, creation or evolution, and it`s important to remember that many people also KNOW in themselves their own truths.  We have to be respectful of others beliefs and ideas even if we
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Kink Korner: Salon de l’Amour (Jan 15 – 17) Accepting volunteers / d’accepter des bénévoles

salon-de-lamour-2010Français ci-dessous

Join us at the Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction!!! Jan 15 to the 17 the ALCC will be creating a fabulous and fun kinky area with all our awesome volunteers and ALCC reps.

Are you experienced in BDSM? Would you like the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with folks who are new or curious? We are still accepting volunteers to help out in the kink area. Please fill out the following form SDLVolunteerSchedule2016 and send it to us at if you’d like to participate.

We ask that you be available a minimum of four hours and provide your own transportation. In exchange for your time you get to enrich the lives and experiences of others AND check out the Salon de l’Amour for FREE! Read the rest of this entry

Calling ALL potential Board candidates!

indexHi folks, this is a reminder that the ALCC’s Annual General Meeting is coming up on January 10th, 2016 and we have two positions available on our Board of Directors. Please click on the link to read about the requirements in becoming a part of the team: Becoming  a Board Member

IMPORTANT: Applications must be submitted by Dec 31st, 2015!

Not interested in being on the board but want to be a part of this great organization? There are many different roles you can choose from. Though many of the roles are filled, we always need more folks working together, the more the merrier!!!

Other positions available: Social Media Coordinator, Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Sponsorship Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Committees Officer, Key Holder, Advertising & Publicity Coordinator, General Assistant, Demonstration Model, Workshop Coordinator, Group Leader, Website Author, General Volunteer, and more… Send us an email if you’re interested!

Membership Renewal Time / Adhésion Renouveau

Member Stamp Shows Membership Registration And SubscribingFrançais ci-dessous

If you became a member at our AGM last year, you will need to renew your membership soon in order to vote at our  January 10, 2016 annual general meeting.

Please check the date on your membership card or contact our Membership Coordinator, Vanessa at

If you are not currently a member but wish to become one, here’s how you do it… Read the rest of this entry

Holiday Party! / Soirée des Fêtes!

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Express your holiday cheer in a crazy outfit and join us for a night of fun and frolic. All the proceeds go to support the ALCC. Everything you need to celebrate the holidays: BYOB, short skirts, sizzling chests and too many bearded Santa’s in one room! Read the rest of this entry