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Alternative Lifestyles, and the Gender Spectrum Day!

tgOn Sunday January 3rd we had our Alternative Lifestyles/Members Orientation workshop, followed by 2 trans related workshops, ALL well attended! Thank you to all! Read the rest of this entry

Restraint… in more fun ways than one!

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Sunday the 20th of December saw some great workshops and a group! Read the rest of this entry

Membership Renewal Time / Adhésion Renouveau

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If you became a member at our AGM last year, you will need to renew your membership soon in order to vote at our  January 10, 2016 annual general meeting.

Please check the date on your membership card or contact our Membership Coordinator, Vanessa at

If you are not currently a member but wish to become one, here’s how you do it… Read the rest of this entry

Interesting and fun!

Beginners Flogging Workshop - Sept 7

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November 29th was one of the 5th Sundays we have flogging workshop and group, and an extra workshop. This month was Extreme Flogging with Mr Panda, followed by the Flogging group, which was followed by Pet Play with Mx Prince and Rosemabby. In the workshop, Mr Panda talked about different ways Read the rest of this entry

BDSM group / Groupe BDSM

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We had some new faces and varying perspectives. Our topic of discussion was sharing our different roles in BDSM and how we came to decide them. It seems easy at first to think you know what role you want to play in BDSM but when you really start to look at the options, it actually becomes much more challenging. Top/bottom, Dom(me)/sub, Switch,  these are only the most familiar roles. There’s pets, owners, ring leaders, Read the rest of this entry


English version follows

 Une seule personne s’est présenté à la rencontre du groupe Passion & Handicap. Le sujet de la discussion a été facile à déterminer.

On a discuté du manque d’intérêt pour le groupe Passion & Handicap.

– De toute évidence, le groupe, dans sa forme actuelle, ne répond pas aux besoins des personnes handicapés, en rapport à l’expression de leur sexualité.

– Pourtant, plusieurs se plaignent de la discrimination systémique de la société à ce sujet. Read the rest of this entry

Alternative, and more

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On November 1st, we had the Alternative Lifestyles workshop, Disability group, and the Gender Empowerment group.

In the alternative lifestyles workshop, Vanessa covered not just alt lifestyles but as well marginalized identities and orientations. In it, polyamory, swingers, nudists, BDSM, asexual, bisexual, and trans among more were covered. Don’t forget! This is the workshop you need to attend to become a member! Read the rest of this entry

Bondage, Brats, and More Bondage! / Ligotage, Brat et encore du ligotage

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On Sunday the 18th of October, the ALCC held 2 workshops and a group. First up was Intermediate Bondage with Vanessa, then Brats 101 with Mangue, then the Bondage Practice group. A “Triple B Day”! lol!

In the Intermediate Bondage, people were refreshed on safety and risk reduction while doing bondage, then they started with hands on learning. From ways to bind limbs to objects singly, with two variations on the tie – one for laying down and one for standing. Next was ways to bind limbs together, some harness variations and styles, then ways to perform hogties and strapado tie. Read the rest of this entry

What are the challenges of being Polyamorous? / Quels sont les défis d’être polyamoureux?

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The audience, both seasoned and first timers quickly offered suggestions as the instructor acknowledged and gave merit to each point. The interactive discussion covered as many scenarios as there were attendees. There are as many methods of Poly as there are individual relationships. The captivating class came to a close as an experienced guest gave her story of living and managing of a Polyamorous lifestyle. The Poly group soon followed. Real life problems were put forth to all those willing to offer suggestions and many practical tactics explored respectfully. Read the rest of this entry

Teaching about Alternative Lifestyles at CEGEP Sainte Anne’s

Saint anne logoThis was a truly rewarding opportunity to educate about alternative lifestyles. The students were around 18 and 19yrs and we bridged the topic of sex, emerging orientations and alternatives to traditional relationships such as Polyamory. We had a chance to clarify many misconceptions about Trans* and what the issues are. I was incredibly impressed at how open some of them were and also how closed and judgemental others were. The most rewarding part of this particular experience was the feedback I received a month later.

Below are the actual write-ups the students submitted on my lecture. Read the rest of this entry