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Pride 2015

Pride was a blast again this year!!! We’re always impressed with how many folks come to watch the parade and show their support. The ALCC would like to extend it’s sincerest, heartfelt thanks to all of you who came to march with us under our banner. There was a very nice group of Poly folks that showed up, three amazing leather men that could have joined the other Leather Men but marched with us, of course to the ALCC team & members that came out, and to Vanessa and Baby Sarah for carrying our banner the whole way. Of course, we have to say a special thanks to Zeffen for his creativity in building an AMAZING chariot that no-one could miss!!! Great times everyone!

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QC Kink – Alternative Lifestyles Festival


Quebec City Alternative Lifestyles Festival – May 15 to 18, 2015

What a huge weekend this was for the ALCC. We were very happy we had the chance to support Master Severyn in his sincere initiative to offer education and an introduction into the Quebec city alternative scene. It is very challenging to create these events in a conservative place like Quebec City. Master Severyn has been dedicated for many years now trying to bring regular events, workshops and opportunities for kinksters and alternative folk to meet and have fun. As well, he tries to encourage those curious or werry of our communities to ask questions and learn more. Read the rest of this entry

Concordia University SEXPO69

Sexpo 60 02

Woo hoo, this was a SEXpositively SEXpendous event… yeah I know, over the top! Who knew that the AHSC (Applied Human Sciences Concordia University Student Association) was so “kinky?!” I mean seriously, they had all these great people with great tables and they seemed to know WAY more than the average “vanilla.”

 Thank you to the folks who helped set us up with a table, and who literally put their BUTTS on the line to demo for a good cause. We also appreciated the help with photocopies and human power too! I must admit I was truly touched by the guy who was smoking a cigarette just outside the door when I brought in the cage and stocks, because if not for him, I would’ve never made it through the door. Peace bro! Read the rest of this entry

Merci bénévoles! Thank you to all our Salon de l’Amour VOLUNTEERS!!!


Français ci-dessous… Wow, I can’t believe all the positive comments we’ve received about the Salon de l’Amour this past weekend. We had an incredible team of dedicated people who came out and welcomed the curious and conservative to learn more about our community or embrace their already kinky sides!!! Each and every volunteer helped make everyone’s experience positive and exciting. Read the rest of this entry

Accepting volunteers / d’accepter des bénévoles – ALCC/CCVA Salon de l’Amour Jan 16-18!!!


Are you experienced in BDSM? Would you like the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with folks who are new or curious? We are still accepting volunteers to help out in the kink area. Please contact us at if you’d like to participate. / Est-ce que vous êtes expérimenter en BDSM? Voulez-vous avoir l’occasion de partager vos connaissances et compétences avec des gens qui sont nouveaux ou curieux? Nous acceptons toujours les bénévoles pour aider dans la zone kinky. S’il vous plaît contactez-nous à si vous souhaitez participer. Read the rest of this entry

December Munch & Movie

The ALCC/CCVA isn’t just about teaching workshops and groups, we are also for members to socialize as well, and the Munch & Movie is a good opportunity to do so.

We had a good crowd, including a couple of new faces too!  Both Vanessa & Petal provided the food, a choice of chicken pita wraps (including non-meat meat vegetarian!) and spaghetti. Dessert was Timmy’s donoughts!  *mmmm…. donoughts!*

The movie for the night was Barbarian Queen 2, and as well a BDSM scene on tape.

Yummy food, fun movies, and good company! Come on by the next one!

Great Food, Great Company!

On Saturday, December 10, the ALCC held its Annual Holiday Brunch at 1000 Grammes (formerly Kilo).

Also on display were photographs of Theresa from Sweden, in latex in public. The photos are wonderful, and the photos below don’t quite capture how good they are (you have to see them in person!)








The food was wonderful, the chat lively, fun, and interesting. It gave some a chance to catch up with friends we haven’t had a chance to catch up with in a while, and for some to make new ones!

There was even a game of trivia, the four winners received individual cards with gifts inside (yours truly won one, and just loves her card and gift!).



ALCC at the Kinky Expo, Fetish Weekend 2011

The ALCC had a team at the Expo Kink at this years Montreal Fetish Weekend on Saturday, meeting locals and those from out of town.  We talked to a lot of people, handed out some pamphlets, and made some connections. We were located in the lobby of the conference hall, between the expo itself and where the workshops were held, so we had some pretty good exposure!

Definitely looking forward to seeing some who stopped by at the ALCC in the future!



Friday September 2nd
As part of the Montreal Fetish Weekend- King and Candyass are pleased to offer the Redlight tour of Montreal once again

Sunday Sept 4th
12 noon-1:30 pm (90 min walking tour)
10 $ per person

reserve yourself a spot

please meet us at :
Bar le Midway
1219 Boul Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC H2X 2S6
approx 20 mins prior to start of tour

Guides:Your cheerful hosts- Donovan King & Velma Candyass

Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles is rising from the ashes of the storied old Red Light District, but the district has not entirely disappeared! This walk looks at the infamous Red Light District and attempts to “cleanse it”, from New France to Prohibition to the 21st Century and the Cultural War being waged between artists and developers.

Online: &

I Love a Parade!

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Yes, the ALCC was at the Pride Parade too!  On Sunday, August 13th, 2011 (or is it 3011 since that was the theme? hmmmm) we took part in the parade, marching proudly with the banner, between the CFI (Centre For Inquiry) and Monsieur Cuir.  We had quite a few join us in the parade, and we all did what we could to be festive, cheer on the crowd, and thank the crowd for coming.

It was a long parade route, starting at Guy and Rene Levesque and going all the way to Saguinet.  Not something you want to do in heels lol!  Or while wearing a full female mask with PVC outfit!  A couple of us learned a lesson or two from what we wore, but yanno… it was worth it!  Although the temperature was not as high as Saturday, we all drank a whack of water along the way.

The crowd was receptive, happy, cheering, and enjoying the parade.  Some of us were even asked to pose for photos either alone or with others!  A big thank you to the spectators again for showing up, showing support, and cheering on the parade!

“Jesus” even showed up! 😉  He marched with both us and the CFI, which made for some interesting photo ops!

After the parade, though, we simply had to find somewhere to sit, relax, and regain energy so a bunch of us from the ALCC and CFI stopped at the St Supplice for some water, beer, sangria and munchies!  The walk back to the car also turned a lot of heads too lol!

Thank you to all those who marched with the ALCC!!!!  You really made a difference and your support for both the ALCC and Pride is truly truly appreciated!

– Vanessa Cummings, Secretary