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A very kinky Sunday / Un dimanche très kinky!

20150920_132951Français ci-dessous

This past Sunday, September 20, the ALCC held 2 workshops and a group, Pet Play, Anal Play, and the Bondage Practice Group. The attendance was awesome! Read the rest of this entry

QC Kink – Alternative Lifestyles Festival


Quebec City Alternative Lifestyles Festival – May 15 to 18, 2015

What a huge weekend this was for the ALCC. We were very happy we had the chance to support Master Severyn in his sincere initiative to offer education and an introduction into the Quebec city alternative scene. It is very challenging to create these events in a conservative place like Quebec City. Master Severyn has been dedicated for many years now trying to bring regular events, workshops and opportunities for kinksters and alternative folk to meet and have fun. As well, he tries to encourage those curious or werry of our communities to ask questions and learn more. Read the rest of this entry

Bondage Fun and Frolick

110109002Français ci-dessous 

Our Basic Bondage workshop given by Vanessa (aka Violet) introduced those with little or no rope bondage experience to the very basics of it. Safety, of course, was covered extensively so that attendees would come out of the workshop knowing what to be careful of. The most basic of knots were covered, as well as means of safely binding limbs together and apart, and as well a safe beginners harness.

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Wax Play / Jeu de cire – Sin Social Club

094-IMG_2576It was a Kinky New Year at Sin Social Club on Friday, January 2! The ALCC was there, greeting and giving a wax play workshop! / C’était une nouvelle année Kinky le vendredi 2 janvier au Sin Social Club! Le CCVA était là, accueuillant les gens et en donnant un atelier de jeu de cire!

The crowd was great, with so many people playing. It was marvelous seeing so many people enjoy themselves! / La foule était super, avec beaucoup de monde qui jouait. C’était merveilleux de voir tant de gens qui s’amusent!
Zeffen and Domina Manuela greeted people and talked about the ALCC, and also doing their best to make people feel welcome and at ease. / Zeffen et Domina Manuela accueillais et ont parlé de l’ALCC aux gens, et ont également fait de leur mieux pour que les gens se sentent les bienvenus et à l’aise.

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What can be done with wax

What can be done with wax

This was another very interesting workshop.  Contessa Alura talked about the different type of candles.  What to use and what not to use.  Also how to prepare the play area and security items you should have when doing wax play.  She then started her demonstration on her lovely model.  After dripping some wax on him, she decided to blindfold him so Read the rest of this entry

Who’s that doll?

Dollification Workshop, Sunday Sept 18, 2011

The Dollification workshop was held on Sunday, with Vanessa giving the workshop. In it she talked about female masking, dollification, the dollification lifestyle, where to buy the masks, tips, and the multitude of reasons behind Read the rest of this entry

ALCC at the Kinky Expo, Fetish Weekend 2011

The ALCC had a team at the Expo Kink at this years Montreal Fetish Weekend on Saturday, meeting locals and those from out of town.  We talked to a lot of people, handed out some pamphlets, and made some connections. We were located in the lobby of the conference hall, between the expo itself and where the workshops were held, so we had some pretty good exposure!

Definitely looking forward to seeing some who stopped by at the ALCC in the future!

Small is still good

The Drop In Day for August 7, 2011 was pretty small, but still good.  With the hot and sunny weather people do tend to do other things in the summer, so it is something that we do expect at the ALCC 🙂  Regardless there was a small turnout, and Vanessa joined in after the meeting for the Pride parade.  Though she *did* forget to bring gloves since she didn’t think she’d make it in time lol.

Remember, our drop in days are free, and if you’ve never visited that is the PERFECT day to stop on in!  Even if you have stopped in before, or taken a workshop or attended a group, this does give you a chance to catch up 😉


– Vanessa Cummings, Board Secretary

Gotta Whip It… Whip It Good! :P

Wednesday night was the Flogging 101 Workshop given by Contessa Alura.  During this workshop she introduced the attendees to the art of flogging.  She showed different types of floggers and explained the different effects of all of them.  She explained the different regions of the body where you can actually use the flogger safely.  Her demo model that night got a bit more then he bargained for since she used him as a human blackboard and marked the different areas on his back.  I hope for him that the lipstick she used for that washed away easily.  And lucky she didn’t use a permanent marker…lol
   After the theory we got into the practice.  She put some tape on chairs so we could practice hitting the target before trying it out on each other.  Once we seemed to hit the targets properly we started it out between ourselves.  But then it was the end.  Some of us were not bad others would need more practice.  One hour and a half was already gone.  Thanks Contessa for a wonderful workshop.
Gilles, Translation & Mobility Coordinator

Wanted to learn about fetishes? Here it was!

Intro to Fetish:
Clov’s discussion on ‘fetish’ explored the meaning and current use of the word. What is the power of fetish? How and why can fetishes affect us? These are just a few of the questions which Clov explored through examples from history, sport, film, art, and sexy images!
– petal