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Paddling – Not your boat!

Paddling Workshop – July 12

Wow, what a turn-out! Seems more people are into this that it seems!!!

Even though I was the instructor I have to say I had a GREAT time. I really enjoyed this group of people, they were really easy going and fun and that’s not always the case. Sometimes I rely on my audience to guide me based on their responses or reactions to my questions. If I hear crickets, I get worried lol. None of that with this group.

Also, EVERYONE participated for the hands-on part. EVERYONE! That almost never happens because generally there aren’t partners and people are awkward with being that open with strangers. Imagine, PADDLING and everyone participated getting and giving. LOVED IT!

Just a small note, someone made a comment on my evaluation about something I said that hit a nerve as being an inappropriate us of language giving the kind of space we are at the ALCC… I just want to say to you, THANK YOU! You are totally right, no sooner had the word left my mouth then I realized what I had said lol. It does happen sometimes but I try to be VERY careful about those things so I wanted to say how much I appreciate that you pointed that out. You were RIGHT!

Thanks all for coming!

– Contessa Alura

Learn from others and save yourself from the mistakes they made!

BDSM for Beginners Workshop – July 3

We had a very diverse group of attendees for this workshop. Most actually knew the basics about BDSM but some did not know anything. It is truly inspiring to have so many new faces taking the decision to actually learn about BDSM BEFORE jumping into it or playing with others.

I’m feeling more confident about the direction people are beginning to take as beginners so I hope this spreads lol. In all of the BDSM for Beginners workshops I ask people to pass on the knowledge they learn in the class to others who are knew. To use the theory they have learned in practice to show others how they should behave.

Very few people are really taking the time to educate themselves so the people who attend have an advantage, more knowledge, and a new responsibility to share that with others!

Great questions folks and great answers!!!
– Contessa Alura

Oh, Yeah, That’s a Paddlin’!!!!

We had a huge turn-out for this workshop. I didn’t know so many people were
interested in paddling. In fact there were a bunch of RSVP’s that couldn’t make
it so I’ve decided to hold it again, this time on a Sunday in July. Check the
My delicious demonstration model, Jared, was a real sport even stripping
down nude for the occasion. All of us in the room had quite a treat starring at
his yummy butt while my paddle redened it haha.
I was able to cover all the material about paddling I wanted to and was
happy that there were great questions from the attendees.
During the hands-on practice part, one of the lovely attendees, Tribeka
sure had fun learning to paddle on Jared… she was a natural with that paddle
too bad for him. He certainly put his ass on the line for that workshop lol. And
he didn’t even have any bruises… I’ll have to ask him in a few days if he had
any souvenirs 😉
I basically went over all the technicalities, types of paddles, and safety,
followed by a demonstration. According to my evaluations, everyone enjoyed it
and learned a great deal.
Be careful out there, we have a group of new paddlers out there just
waitiing for a victim to practice on 🙂
– Contessa Alura, Director of Education

There’s nothing better than a naked man wearing a bow-tie serving you wine

Why do they pick Clov’s workshop to smoke us the frick out and then add a drillhammer upstairs since he’s got the softest voice of anyone I know??? Blasted!
Well we did hear Clov in between the hammering and I was thrilled with the subject. Clov has a deep passion for being forced to strip naked in front of women and serve them while they sit dressed in their best … feeling the flush in his face and body, he enjoys the embarassement. And so do I.
He actually asked me to participate by asking me a few questions. Most of
the men in the room were obviously enjoying the workshop but way to scared to
talk about it. One guy was brave enough to admit he was into it but the truth is
still apparent, why would you go to a “Clothed Female, Naked Male” workshop
unless you were into it lol.
The photos Clov shared were truly the best and I had a smile permanently
fixed on my face the entire time!
If you missed this workshop you have one last chance to catch it this
Sunday! Check the schedule for details.
– Contessa Alura, Director of Education

Superheroes And Celebration!

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On Sunday the 5th of June, the ALCC held it’s drop-in day, with a “superhero” theme, and with ulterior motives as well!

See, in June there were birthdays for 4 members… so the “Black Queen” (Contessa Alura) had very carefully laid her diabolical plot! She would lure the four said members to the ALCC Drop In, and not only surprise them with a delicious sweet cake… but lure them in with defences lowered to administer a dark, sinister paddling!

The four unsuspecting “victims” were give a choice of “implement”… which was tricky since all would have given the Black Queen an advantage! Needless to say our unsuspecting citizens were astonished!  Paddles went abound! Four “tushies” were left red!  Many yelps! Many flinches in antici………


This reporter can say that no one was actually harmed…. maybe a pride or two… and maybe there was some enjoyment on the part of the “victims” of the Black Queen, but I can say, as the “Tranz Avenger”, reporting for you, and responsible as reporter, that there were even two “thank you’s” issued after this diabolical deed!

All in all… a great drop in day! And the themes just may continue! So if you want to drop by in theme you can, and if you don’t want to be in theme… NOT a problem! Just drop on in on the next one! 😀

– Vanessa Cummings

aka “The Tranz Avenger”


Learnin’ About The Alternatives

On June 5 we had our “Alternative Lifestyles Workshop”, where Contessa Alura talked about the many lifestyles considered as alternative.  Of course one thing we would like to see at the ALCC is for them to be not so alternative 🙂

She talked about the various ones from BDSM, polyamorous, swinger, cuckold, trans, and more.  She is very knowlegable, and it was very apparent.

Questions were put, and experiences shared. All in all, a very good workshop!  For those interested in learning about the various different lifestyles, I’d reccomend attending!

– Vanessa Cummings, ALCC Secretary

Wax on, Wax off!

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Contessa Alura gave a wonderful workshop on Wax Play today. She had a live demonstration of wax play techniques, interspersed with fascinating insights, tips and Contessa Alura’s sense of fun! Her lucky demonstration person experienced wax play for the first time, and certainly seemed delighted with it.

I was particularly impressed with how much we learned about the psychology of wax play from the point of view of both the top and the bottom. I really felt we were getting the kind of knowledge which only a few are privy to. You’ve got to admit that wax play is pretty cool. We saw a range of interactions: from sensual, to domination types of wax play.

While mindful of the safety and feelings of her demo person, Contessa Alura explained the entire process to the attendees. One thing that really strikes me about wax play, is that there is a real artistic aspect to it. Contessa used her subject to create wax designs with candle drippings. She also explained how the heat of the wax is used to create various sensations and feelings. In wax play, the canvas truly is the human body and mind.

– petal

Fetishism? Heck ya! Gotta Explore That!!!

 An interesting workshop

   An interesting workshop about fetishism given by Clove Saffron.  His well researched material on fetishism was interesting to listen too.  He explained the original definition of fetish and how it has evolved today.  He provided a few quick exercises to the participants to help illustrate what could be considered fetishism.  A good workshop.

– Gilles