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Poly project

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Bonjour à toutes et à tous,
Andreanne Martin et son équipe travaille actuellement sur un projet cinématographique sur le thème de la non-monogamie, de l’amour libre et du polyamour. Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de participant(e)s. Nous recherchons des personnes vivant des relations non-monogames. Nous serions intéressés à rencontrer des personnes de tous les âges et de toutes les situations. Read the rest of this entry

July 10th Bisexual Group

bisexualWe gathered this Sunday, as usual, after the Poly groups. The month’s topic was “living in monogamous relationships”, a subject that brought varied opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of closed relationships for bisexuals. We used this article to start the discussions, and flowed towards the varied degrees of open relationships. The discussion engaged after that towards particularities of relationships between bisexuals, bi-hetero and bi-homo couples. Read the rest of this entry

Polyamory support group

historymissionusewhereveristock_000017322294smallFrançais ci-dessous

The polyamory group started the year with a large meeting attended by 33 people. We touched on various topics like insecurity, jealousy, and how to bring up the fact that you are polyamorous to someone you just met. Halfway through the meeting, we split up the group in 5 small groups spread throughout the room – and even the hallway.  It was way more engaging to share in those smaller groups.

See you at the “Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction” next week. The polyamory table Read the rest of this entry

Common Poly Newbie Mistakes

Our Poly afternoon was off to a good start with a few of new students asking thoughtful queries surrounding the lifestyle. The group that followed, was well attended but regular participants. As a whole, we were asked to help initiates by considering the questions.” What pitfalls could a newly polyamorous person avoid, if we could advise them ahead of time.” We all make the same common mistakes and just reminding ourselves of the simple things is always in our best interest. A relationship is just that, between two people and needs to be nurtures on it’s own merit. A small group also met afterward to discuss it further. At it’s heart, our mission of informing our family and friends when ever possible makes Poly more main stream and helps us all.   Read the rest of this entry

What are the challenges of being Polyamorous? / Quels sont les défis d’être polyamoureux?

polyamory_by_jymaru-d4r38hj.pngFrançais ci-dessous

The audience, both seasoned and first timers quickly offered suggestions as the instructor acknowledged and gave merit to each point. The interactive discussion covered as many scenarios as there were attendees. There are as many methods of Poly as there are individual relationships. The captivating class came to a close as an experienced guest gave her story of living and managing of a Polyamorous lifestyle. The Poly group soon followed. Real life problems were put forth to all those willing to offer suggestions and many practical tactics explored respectfully. Read the rest of this entry

Poly Group – “Dynamics and Roles of Hierarchical Polyamorous Relationships”

Poly relationship configurationsSunday’s most recent Poly Group had great attendance! This was also the first group that I had the opportunity to lead as our new English specific Poly Group facilitator. We talked about the topics of dynamics and roles of hierarchical Polyamorous relationships, and the resulting or required boundaries of partners and metamours. We also talked about the negotiations that must take place within partnerships to define the rules, and the merits of a veto privilege or lack thereof. The final quick topic of the night that was briefly discussed, was about combining existing families, and the potential challenges that might arise in such an endeavour.

– Sean

Entering as a “third” / Entrer comme “troisième”- Polyamory

Polyamorous symbolThis month’s Poly topic was dealing with consideration for others when entering as a third and the feelings that can come about from both sides. People shared their thoughts and advice on the subject. Thank you to Sean for filling in as facilitator, well done, we appreciate your efforts. Russ will return next month. / Le thème de ce mois-ci traitait de la considération envers les autres lors de l’entrée d’une troisième personne et les sentiments qui peuvent survenir de la part des deux côtés. Les gens ont partagé leurs réflexions et des conseils sur le sujet. Merci à Sean qui a agit en tant qu’animateur, très réussi, nous apprécions vos efforts. Russ reviendra le mois prochain. Read the rest of this entry

One huhyuge showing!

What a record turnout for the Polyamory Group at the ALCC…. 20 wonderful people!

Amelia spearheaded today’s topic of Time Management. Very important for everybody, for relationships, and for polyamorous relationships in particular. A variety of strategies were shared, with many personal anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

I’m always struck by how the principles polyamorous people use can be very helpful in all relationships.

– Petal, Vice President

Small is still good

The Drop In Day for August 7, 2011 was pretty small, but still good.  With the hot and sunny weather people do tend to do other things in the summer, so it is something that we do expect at the ALCC 🙂  Regardless there was a small turnout, and Vanessa joined in after the meeting for the Pride parade.  Though she *did* forget to bring gloves since she didn’t think she’d make it in time lol.

Remember, our drop in days are free, and if you’ve never visited that is the PERFECT day to stop on in!  Even if you have stopped in before, or taken a workshop or attended a group, this does give you a chance to catch up 😉


– Vanessa Cummings, Board Secretary

Cuddly Miso Soup

Polyamorous Group June 26, 2011Polyamorous symbol

The new poly group led my Amelia was held on Sunday the 26th, and it was quite well attended.  She asked some very pertinent questions about polyamory and how each of us had approached it, dealt with the issues that can come with this lifestyle, and we all shared experiences that related to it that we have had.  Some were exploring the possibility of being poly, some have been in poly relationships, and some are still in a poly relationship.

The group was very enlightening, and I learned a lot and perhaps cleared a few things up for myself in my outlook on relationships, whether I am poly or simply non-monogamous. I look forward to the next one, where we may even have it somewhere that we can have “cuddly miso soup”!

– Vanessa, ALCC Secretary