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Small is still good

The Drop In Day for August 7, 2011 was pretty small, but still good.  With the hot and sunny weather people do tend to do other things in the summer, so it is something that we do expect at the ALCC 🙂  Regardless there was a small turnout, and Vanessa joined in after the meeting for the Pride parade.  Though she *did* forget to bring gloves since she didn’t think she’d make it in time lol.

Remember, our drop in days are free, and if you’ve never visited that is the PERFECT day to stop on in!  Even if you have stopped in before, or taken a workshop or attended a group, this does give you a chance to catch up 😉


– Vanessa Cummings, Board Secretary

Paddling – Not your boat!

Paddling Workshop – July 12

Wow, what a turn-out! Seems more people are into this that it seems!!!

Even though I was the instructor I have to say I had a GREAT time. I really enjoyed this group of people, they were really easy going and fun and that’s not always the case. Sometimes I rely on my audience to guide me based on their responses or reactions to my questions. If I hear crickets, I get worried lol. None of that with this group.

Also, EVERYONE participated for the hands-on part. EVERYONE! That almost never happens because generally there aren’t partners and people are awkward with being that open with strangers. Imagine, PADDLING and everyone participated getting and giving. LOVED IT!

Just a small note, someone made a comment on my evaluation about something I said that hit a nerve as being an inappropriate us of language giving the kind of space we are at the ALCC… I just want to say to you, THANK YOU! You are totally right, no sooner had the word left my mouth then I realized what I had said lol. It does happen sometimes but I try to be VERY careful about those things so I wanted to say how much I appreciate that you pointed that out. You were RIGHT!

Thanks all for coming!

– Contessa Alura

Learn from others and save yourself from the mistakes they made!

BDSM for Beginners Workshop – July 3

We had a very diverse group of attendees for this workshop. Most actually knew the basics about BDSM but some did not know anything. It is truly inspiring to have so many new faces taking the decision to actually learn about BDSM BEFORE jumping into it or playing with others.

I’m feeling more confident about the direction people are beginning to take as beginners so I hope this spreads lol. In all of the BDSM for Beginners workshops I ask people to pass on the knowledge they learn in the class to others who are knew. To use the theory they have learned in practice to show others how they should behave.

Very few people are really taking the time to educate themselves so the people who attend have an advantage, more knowledge, and a new responsibility to share that with others!

Great questions folks and great answers!!!
– Contessa Alura

Learnin’ About The Alternatives

On June 5 we had our “Alternative Lifestyles Workshop”, where Contessa Alura talked about the many lifestyles considered as alternative.  Of course one thing we would like to see at the ALCC is for them to be not so alternative 🙂

She talked about the various ones from BDSM, polyamorous, swinger, cuckold, trans, and more.  She is very knowlegable, and it was very apparent.

Questions were put, and experiences shared. All in all, a very good workshop!  For those interested in learning about the various different lifestyles, I’d reccomend attending!

– Vanessa Cummings, ALCC Secretary

ALCC On Dr Laurie – Trans Issues (trans? whazzat? my transmission? you talkin’ cars now?!?)

No, not issues related to your cars transmission, but the issues that face those in the trans community, be they crossdresser, transsexual, transgenderist, gender queer, gender fluid, etc.

The show on CJAD on the 11th of May focused on trans issues, and present were Contessa Alura, petal, Vanessa, and Gabrielle from the 211o Gender Advocacy Center.  Dr Laurie already has knowledge of these issues, and that was a great help in the show. 

Starting off was petal, discussing how it is to be a crossdresser, what “drove” him to crossdress, why he does, who knows, and the issues that he faces being a crossdresser.  This was very enlightening to even those of us there. Far too many have misconceptions about those who crossdress, and petal did a great job trying to dispel those myths (ie CD’s are “gay”, they “want to be women full time”, etc etc)

Next was Vanessa (me! lol!), discussing her story, and the issues she faces.  Starting off with how she came out, she talked also about when she knew she was “different”, how she approached this as a youth, how she approached the army in coming out, being assaulted physically simply for being transsexual, why we need legal protection for gender identity, and as well the misconceptions about transsexuals. As well as what a TS can face daily.

Gabrielle talked about the 2110 Center, and touched on the two above issues, adding some very very valid points.  Her expertise was a great help in this show. She also touched on the fact that the 2110 also has a needle exchange and a program for the FTM (Female To Males) that require binders (to hide the breasts). More for sure will be coming on the 2110!!!

All in all a great show! And… if you missed it… it can be heard here! So give it a listen!

Congratulations Danny Godbout – Montreal Mr Leather 2011

Congratulations Danny Godbout – Montreal Mr Leather 2011
Congratulations to DANNY GODBOUT for winning this years Mr Leather! We are proud to announce that Danny has chosen the ALCC to be his official charitable organization
to support us in our cause.

– Contessa Alura

We look forward to the fun and exciting ventures to come!

Radical Queer Semaine Conference “Educating Sexualities” March 10

Radical Queer Semaine 2011

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On Thursday, March 10, the ALCC attended the Radical Queer Semaine 2011 conference “Educating Sexualities”.  The panel included Michel Dorais (Dead Boys Can’t Dance), Plan Q (MYCAH, PolitiQ, ASSÉ and La Centrale), Head & Hands (Sense Project) and Shelley Taylor (Venus Envy, Ottawa). 
Being discussed was how there is so little sex education in the schools now in Quebec, and what could be done to encourage more of it and for it to be far more diverse than it was and is. Without educating on sex, the different sexualities and different gender identities, we risk the youth not having the knowledge and understanding that they would need in later life experiences.  It was a very well attended conference, with many great ideas and discussions.
The ALCC had material available about the centre and alternative lifestyles, and made some great contacts with not just those on the panel but many within the queer community.
The Radical Queer Semaine has many interesting activities going until March 20th, more here, and do feel free to attend what you can!
Secretary & Facebook Group Admin

Bill C-389

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to do as much as possible to support Bill C-389 which is now before the senate.  This Bill, once law, would make it illegal to discriminate against a person based on gender identity or expression, which until now has not been protected in law for the nation and very few actually protect.

There are those who claim this is a “bathroom bill”.  No, it is not. There are those among us who need this protection. Yes, in Canada, there IS discrimination.  I, Vanessa Cummings, can personally vouch for that.  Until I presented myself in “drab” (read: male) I was denied renting an apartment even. Yes, here in Canada, yes, here in Montreal. The one time I presented as male for an apartment I got it, no problems at all.  Showed the exact same paperwork that I had shown before. No, it was not “luck of the draw” – there was discrimination.

Being transsexual is NOT a “choice”.  It is NOT a “lifestyle”. A person who is transsexual is someone who is transitioning from one sex to another.  The gender they identify with.  And there are those who choose not to fully transition, who actually desire to be a “third gender”.  There is no reason to deny them basic human rights. 

This is a very very very important bill to get passed through the senate NOW.  Why?  Because since the Conservatives were essentially the only ones to really vote against it in parliament, there is a chance that even they can trigger an election any day now, thus killing the bill in the senate.  If this bill is killed in the senate, we are stuck starting from scratch – again. This is why an election now is definitely not desireable.

How do you help?  Well, check out below!

Sign now! Encourage your Senator to ensure protection!!!!

Member in “Hot Girls Magazine” for January Edition

Hot Girls Magazine Jan 2011

A member of the ALCCVA team is part of the feature in “Hot Girls Magazine” for January 2011!  Vanessa has a bio on her as well as photos featured on it!

ALCCVA at the first BlacKKocktail – Mr. Leather Montreal 2010 – December 4

Black Kocktail

The ALCCVA was invited by Mr. Leather Montreal 2010, Ghislain Rousseau, to a very fun event – the BlacKKnight Cocktail night. It was a sociable, relaxed, yet with play evening mixing the leather/rubber/kink/open-minded communities. Sir Kira, Restrik, Sadistfaction, and myself were there representing the ALCCVA and meeting some amazing people. Mr. Leather was so cordial and fun to be around, I had a great time there! I think we all enjoyed the night, and it certainly was a great example of people being themselves in a welcoming environment. Look at the smile on that face in the picture… that says it all!

– petal