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We have a new board!

The ALCC had it’s annual general meeting on March 10th, where members were given the opportunity to not only vote on the next board, but as well run for it if they qualified for it.

We covered the year in a review, what the state of the finances were, how the workshops and groups were going, and as well welcoming input.

Sadly, Petal has had to step down from the board, although he will be still very active in the ALCC. His effort, dedication, and devotion is very well appreciated, and will never go unforgotten!

So…. the board now stands as thus:

Vanessa Cummings (Vanessa Fetish) : “President”

Gilles (glovedsub) : “VP”

Richard M: “secretary”

A motion was also passed to allow a fourth board member, a “member at large” that can help out especially when one board member needs to be absent.

We thank you, Petal, again, for your dedication, knowledge, and love of the alt lifestyles and for the ALCC!!!!




Roll Up! Roll Up! We Have Our Bizarre Bazaar February 3rd!

Looking for that really cool, or really kinky, or even a last minute Valentines gift?

Then roll on up for the Bizarre Bazaar this Sunday, February 3, 2013 from 1500-1900 at the ALCC!!!! 372 Sainte-Catherine Rue O, Montréal, QC, H3B 1A2 (suite #127, Edifice Belgo / Belgo Building)

We have a variety of vendors, from actual store to those in the actual community who have items to sell!


Mistress Sugah

Lord Saxnot

Vanessa Fetish


Store TBA



It All Starts With The Basics!

A great workshop on Basic Bondage was given at the ALCC by Vanessa, where she taught not only the very basics of bondage, but as well safety.


Wow, it really can be simple! A reef knot was a lot easier to learn! And the method she taught for binding two limbs together… I wish I had known this earlier! I made the mistake of trying to do the more complicated to start, and it frustrated me. She made it clear that unless you are doing things such as suspension or putting any kind of leverage upon the tie, the basic ties she showed were just fine to start. Once learned, mastered, then go the next level. Wish I had found this out before trying to learn more complicated elsewhere!


Hold Your Breath!

The ALCC had an Introduction to Breath Play workshop on January 27, given by Vanessa Cummings (aka Vanessa Fetish), board member.


She covered of course safety! Safety has to be the prime consideration! For instance, who could be at risk health wise when it comes to breath play, the need to know CPR and First Aid when doing this, and where not to put heavy pressure when performing strangulation play (the vagus nerve near the carotid artery, where too much can actually stop the heart).

Also covered were means of breath play, such as the aforementioned strangulation play, as well as gas masks, hand over mouth, cling wrap, and more. Always emphasizing with each the safety that is needed. Even the use of chemicals was touched upon, and how to do it safer and what not to use (such as chloroform, it’s variants, and similar anaesthetics, which can actually kill in non-medically trained hands or cause brain damage).

Overall, very well done! She obviously has a good grasp of the topic, and lots of knowledge!

– Anon

Holiday Brunch!

Join us for our annual Holiday Brunch!

Great food and great company!

Instructors and group leaders get a special discount!

Join us for a “Q&A” for a prize! Answer questions about the ALCC and workshops and the alternative lifestyles!

More to come ASAP!!!


At 1000 Grammes (formerly Kilo)

1495 Ste-Catherine Street
Montreal (QC)
H2L 2H9
514 596-3933

Tantra… Practical and for Everyday!

On Wednesday September 5, the ALCC was proud to have Gaia give a “Tantra Practical for Everyday Life” workshop.

It was a big success, with many attending and learning not only more about Tantra, but how to also apply it to everyday life. Tantra is not solely sexual, but can be used for many purposes in life, and I myself discovered that what I practice daily to manage pain is in fact tantra! It can be applied to soooo many things, not just sexual!

We look forward to the next time she is in Montreal, and gives a workshop with us! So much to learn!

– Vanessa

Vice President

ALCC at Montreal Fetish Weekend 2012!

At this years Montreal Fetish Weekend, the 2012 edition, the ALCC was VERY involved!

We held workshops from Friday to Sunday at the Hotel Gouveneurs on the fourth floor, ranging from “Erotic Drumming” to “Wax Play”. We had many various workshops! Not just presented by locals but those from outside Montreal as well.  The “Making and Reparation of Latex” was a huge hit as usual!

A huge thank you to all our volunteers who helped out not only with the workshops but with the table! We cannot do it without YOU – the members! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! You are all so great!

And a great big hug and thank you to Eric Paradis, for having us have such a big part in this years Fetish Weekend, and for his contributions and support of us as well! The ALCC loves you, Eric!


– Vanessa

Vice President

ALCC at Montreal Pride 2012

The ALCC was once again at Montreal Pride, taking part in both the community day and the parade!

On Saturday the 18th of August the Community Day was held, with the ALCC there and providing information not only on the ALCC itself but on the alternative lifestyles as well. It was a beautiful day, and many people stopped by.
Sunday was the Parade, and yes the ALCC marched! There were the “regulars” like Vanessa, Petal and Boy Terry, and first timers as well!  It was again a great day for it, and even though we were small compared to others in the parade, we did our best to make our presence known.

ALCC / Montreal Fetish Weekend First Timers Event

Coming soon! Thursday, August 30, 2012 · 6:00 PM –10:00 PM
at the ALCC
372 Ste-Catherine Street West suite 127 (Belgo building)
Cost: Free

Dress code: Fetish wear if you want to go to Club Sin afterwards

Are you from near or far but not yet aquainted with the MFW? Looking to meet others who will be attending the MFW? Worried about getting lost? Then join us for snacks and cocktails at the ALCC hosted “First Timers”. We’ll introduce you to some of our sexy locals and escort you to the evening Club Sin event at 10pm. No VIP Pass required and attendees receive half-price tickets for the show. Contact us if you require pick-up.
For more information, please contact us:

Learning About Flogging

floggerOn Tuesday, May 8 the ALCC held a Flogging 101 workshop. Sir Master Marc gave the workshop, and we barely fit everyone into seating! A full crowd to say the least!

Sir Master Marc demonstrated his great knowledge of flogging, not just in techniques but in safety as well. He also brought along many wonderful floggers! Attendees learned where to flog, where not to flog, and of course techniques on how to flog.

If you are curious about learning to use a flogger, this is a must have workshop!

– Vanessa