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Kinky Wrestling / Lutte Kinky

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What a blast! I was truly impressed by the openness and willingness of attendees to try out the wrestling with complete strangers of varying capabilities and identities. This was not an in-depth training with specialized skills kind of kinky wrestling that the infamous Mr. O teaches, though I LOVE his workshops. No-one can do what Mr. O does so forget it. No, I would say my workshop is more like street fighting, or scrapping like a wild beast unchained and Read the rest of this entry


Know your rights! / Connaître vos droits!

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BDSM and the Law

This workshop was very informative for myself and everyone who attended. I was joined by the …. who provided a much more in-depth explanation of the legal terms I discussed and provided court rulings as examples. Understanding the law and interpreting the law are two differnt subjects and when you inform people that asking for or receiving bodily harm in Canada is illegal… people who engage in BDSM are terrified and anyone considering experimenting in this type of play, quickly decide against it. We use the term RACK (risk aware consensual kink) to mean practicing BDSM responsibly. That includes Read the rest of this entry

Wrap, risk-reduction, and ropes!

The Mummification and Risk Reducing Self-Bondage workshops and the Bondage Practice Group!

First was the mummification, where Vanessa not only showed methods of mummifying someone, but also the safety and as well things you can do when someone is mummified. Whether it’s food wrap or pallet wrap, or even vet wrap, mummification is hot! (And in other ways of the word, as those mummified found out!)

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Bondage, Brats, and More Bondage! / Ligotage, Brat et encore du ligotage

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On Sunday the 18th of October, the ALCC held 2 workshops and a group. First up was Intermediate Bondage with Vanessa, then Brats 101 with Mangue, then the Bondage Practice group. A “Triple B Day”! lol!

In the Intermediate Bondage, people were refreshed on safety and risk reduction while doing bondage, then they started with hands on learning. From ways to bind limbs to objects singly, with two variations on the tie – one for laying down and one for standing. Next was ways to bind limbs together, some harness variations and styles, then ways to perform hogties and strapado tie. Read the rest of this entry

A very kinky Sunday / Un dimanche très kinky!

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This past Sunday, September 20, the ALCC held 2 workshops and a group, Pet Play, Anal Play, and the Bondage Practice Group. The attendance was awesome! Read the rest of this entry

Bondage Fun and Frolick

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Our Basic Bondage workshop given by Vanessa (aka Violet) introduced those with little or no rope bondage experience to the very basics of it. Safety, of course, was covered extensively so that attendees would come out of the workshop knowing what to be careful of. The most basic of knots were covered, as well as means of safely binding limbs together and apart, and as well a safe beginners harness.

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ACCM Sex nerds Unite

10896834_10101918688504787_2935238606340790620_nThanks to ACCM and Andreas for inviting the ALCC to be a part of this fantastic Event: Sex Nerds Unite. For those that aren’t in the loop, Sex Nerds was a book club started by Phuong of the infamous Joy Toyz that has now been passed on to be led by the fabulous Andreas!!!

 We had a sweet little space where we could put our spanking bench, cage and various implements of pleasure and offer kink Ed to anyone interested! Thanks to Kim from ACCM/SIDA, so awesome to see you again after two years and know that you’re still going strong for Aids Community Care Montreal!!! We appreciate all you did for us.

 What fun showing everyone how to flog, that was GREAT! You all did so well regardless of your newbie inhibitions. We had a blast!!!

 A special thank you to Nathalie and Zeffen from the ALCC for volunteering your time and energy to this event.


Rope it!

On Wednesday December 14, Lord Saxnot gave his rope bondage workshop. Remember – before you take the Advanced Rope Bondage workshop you will need to have taken the Basic first!

There was a good attendance, and those taking it caught on pretty fast on the subject.  Besides how to tie, where to tie and not to tie was also taught (not everyong knows you shouldn’t in some areas!)


– Vanessa, Secretary

BDSM & The Law

BDSM & The Law, Sunday November 13, 2011

Incredibly how little we really know about BDSM and the law and more importantly, what is really legal and what we can get in trouble for. Very important workshop! If you missed it, sign up for last chance Nov.23rd.

Three points I took away:
2) It is very important that “STOP”, “NO” and “YES” really mean what they mean. Safewords are not reliable!!!
3) You have a responsibility as a parent to keep your kinky things locked and out of sight of your children.

– Contessa

Just Starting Out? Well We Have A Beginners Class!

Well, no matter how hard I try, there is just NO way to cover BDSM basics in an hour an a half. Usually this class is a seminar (3-4 hours) but that is just too long for a Wednesday night. However, we had a record turn-out so thank you all for coming. SAKA (Sexuality and Kink Advocacy) McGill group brought a few people with them and I was happily surprised to see so many long time experienced BDSM’ers attending. Thanks to my lovely demo model Glovedsub… X marks the spot haha (inside joke).

– Contessa Alura