May 8th Bisexual Group

bisexualWe gathered again in the beginning of Spring to bounce our latest ideas around. After a round table to present ourselves, we exchanged on several topics:

  • Known “coming out” techniques
  • “Who should be come out to?” (the “need to know basis” is a subjective line)
  • The parallel between coming out as polyamorous and coming out as bisexual
  • A clarification on what pansexuality meant to each of us
  • Particular social rejection felt by male bisexuals
  • How to make the perceptions of the people around us evolve
  • Going with the flow (as an everyday lifestyle) and “Bisexual invisibility”
  • Romantic versus behavioural bisexuality (in reference to the Purple Scale)
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Looking Back: BDSM Group May 3, 2015

2037787_origFrançais ci-dessous

Contessa_Alura(a) opened the meeting, mentioning the ALCC(b)’s resources (books, workshops, counselling specialists) and Safe Space Policy. Participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their personal opinions while always respecting the opinions and tastes of all other participants. This meeting will be about Mistress_Magnum(c) and slave_feel(d) sharing their real-life BDSM(e) experience: They will share thoughts about their relation. Read the rest of this entry

April 10th bisexual group 

bisexualThe Bisexuals group gathered on this pre-spring Sunday with the firm intention of debating around the nuances contained in the Urban Dictionary’s definition of the Unicorn and bounced off to discussions related to applications of bisexuality in polyamorous context. We then covered concepts like the impostor syndrome and the junction of fetishist considerations in bisexuality, to end up comparing our flirting methods and tactics. That might be the subject of the next group. The group finished off in a restaurant, where we exchanged freely amongst ourselves. By the amount of laughter, I can say every participant had quite a lot of fun when we figured that the trick to successful flirting is simply not to be creepy. Thanks to everyone that attended for their awesome attitude and see you around!


Pangender/non-gender Tantric Puja below

Il est de tradition au sein des activités tantriques de diviser les groupes par genre. Les femmes représentent la divinité féminine (Shakti) et les hommes incarnent la divinité masculine (Shiva). Dans le Tantra, unir les énergies masculines et féminines lors d’une danse sacrée symbolique génère de l’extase et l’éveil spirituel. Aussi beau et puissant que ce concept l’est, je vous invite à séjourner au-delà de ce paradigme sexospécifique, car déterminer le sexe d’une divinité c’est aussi limiter cette divinité. Read the rest of this entry

Rap Battle for Social Justice

Workshop Saturday, March 19 at 3 PM 6 PM 1500 de Maisonneuve West, Suite 404 – Not Your 101: Gender History is Colonial History (In lead up to the Rap Battle 4 Gender Freedom)

Come to the Rap Battle for Gender Freedom, the 5th of The Rap Battles for Social Justice, where rap and spoken word artists who are trans people of colour, femme-identified people, as well queer and some cis allies will rap and speak about gender issues. Since gender oppression is prevalent in most communities, gender freedom represents the release from the shackles and the violence of the gender binary.

April 9, 2016 at Reggie’s Bar 1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8


Valentine’s day Bisexual Group

bisexualOn February 14th -such a romantic day-, the Bisexuals Group gathered  between 17h and 19h to review what Wikipedia had to say about bisexuality. We went diagonally through the pretty long article (reading the interesting sections),and stopped from time to time to discuss various subjects. Read the rest of this entry

Kink Research Study


The purpose of this research study is to understand the similarities and differences between the motivations, relational experiences, childhood histories, and characteristics of individuals who engage in intense BDSM sensation play and those who do or have engaged in non-suicidal self-injury behavior. Specifically the research study aims to understand the reasons and motivations behind these behaviors as well as the personality characteristics of those who engage in these behaviors. You are being asked to participate in this study because you identify as a BDSM participant who enjoys receiving intense sensation play or you have had a history of engaging in non-suicidal self-injury behavior or you engage in both kinds of activities.

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BDSM & The Law, and Bondage Group Fun

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In the BDSM & The Law workshop, Maitre Corbeau covered a lot of important things for people to keep in mind when it comes to BDSM and dealing with law, and why there is still some progress to be made. It is important for people to know their rights, and how to deal with things should police be called when playing (keyword: playing/sceneing, not actual abuse!). So much more still remains to be done to ensure we can play without worrying! Read the rest of this entry

Drop-in Day Returns, Tips For TG and Alt Lifestyles /

drop in day

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The Alternative Lifestyles workshop gave a quick look into what we, the ALCC/CCVA are essentially about, and the various alternative lifestyles and marginalized identities and sexuality and what they are. It even brought in more membership!

The Drop-In was an informal meet n greet, with people getting the chance to asked questions about the ALCC, and the alternative lifestyles as well. And there was even chance to share a laugh or two!

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Concordia Sexpo 2016!

The ALCC/CCVA was at Concordia Sexpo for another edition Feb 10-11, and it was great!

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