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It’s Fun To Exercise Naaakkkid!!!

Naked Yoga was held in a warm, inviting, roomy and very well suited loft, the naked yoga proved to once again, have been very much worth the effort of battling the cold and shyness once feels for the first coupld minutes. After it begins however, the exercises quickly remind you how much we should all be doing yoga much more often. The instructor’s knowledge and flexibility in the matter at hand is clear and the class focus was as much on the positions as on the breathing. Also it was great to also get little tricks and tips for those of us with not quite the flex we should have. 🙂

-Kinky K

“What is BDSM?” with ALCC and Dr Laurie on CJAD 800am Radio – Mar 9/11

Tune into CJAD this Wednesday! 10:00pm

What is BDSM? – Dr Laurie & ALCC Live on CJAD 800 AM

Wed, March 9, 10pm – 11pm

Live on the Air CJAD 800 AM radio – Listen online at

The ALCC team of Contessa Alura, Sadistfaction and Petal  will be discussing the topic of BDSM with Dr Laurie Betito

Drop-In Day March 6

Montreal got hit with a big snow storm, but that did not deter the ALCC from it’s Drop in Day.
Tea and coffee were on hand for those who needed warm drinks. Great conversation was right at hand as usual. This is an an exciting time for our Centre and the drop-in day reflected it.
There were so many inspiring ideas for the future, so many practical things we can do to succeed more and more. Our team keeps growing and finding more great people to help out. 
I must say, I really enjoy the range of topics that are covered on our drop-in days. So many fun times just relaxing and discussing important and interesting things.
– Petal

You WILL Talk!!!

On Wednesday, March 2nd, the ALCC / CCVA had the Interrogation Scenes Workshop, given by Vanessa. 

In it she discussed actual interrogation methods that she had been taught, how to figure out truth from lie when interrogating, how to withstand interrogation, and of course how we can use them in scenes.  She also demonstrated a couple of methods.