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One huhyuge showing!

What a record turnout for the Polyamory Group at the ALCC…. 20 wonderful people!

Amelia spearheaded today’s topic of Time Management. Very important for everybody, for relationships, and for polyamorous relationships in particular. A variety of strategies were shared, with many personal anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

I’m always struck by how the principles polyamorous people use can be very helpful in all relationships.

– Petal, Vice President

Mmmmm… bondage!

Bondage 201 Sunday Sept 18, 2011

Lord Saxnot gave his Bondage 201 workshop on Sunday, which was really changed to a 101 because the people that showed Read the rest of this entry

Who’s that doll?

Dollification Workshop, Sunday Sept 18, 2011

The Dollification workshop was held on Sunday, with Vanessa giving the workshop. In it she talked about female masking, dollification, the dollification lifestyle, where to buy the masks, tips, and the multitude of reasons behind Read the rest of this entry

Learning some advanced flogging

Advanced Flogging, Sunday Sept 18, 2011

The advanced flogging workshop was held on Sunday, with Sir Master Marc instructing. He demonstrated various ways of using the floggers, and areas that some do forget about when flogging. He also taught how to properly Read the rest of this entry

More BDSM Beginnings

BDSM For Beginners, Sept 14, 2011

Contessa Alura gave her workshop for BDSM For Beginners, which was very well attended (we had to fetch extra seating Read the rest of this entry

Beginnings… everyone begins somewhere!

BDSM Play for Beginners

The BDSM Play for beginners workshop is probably the one with the most material to cover.  It deals with all aspects of BDSM play from finding people to play, negociating a scene, play safety with demos and a play scene scenario.  Contessa Alura also suggested play kits for both beginners and more advanced players.  These kits should be part of anyone looking for play.  Just a warning for future volunteers in this workshop,  bring some lipstick.  Why?  Well Contessa Alura likes to mark the the areas where the person shoulnd’t be hit .  She had to use a permanent marker on me…lol.  A very informative and detailed workshop.  All beginners and even more advanced players will find this workshop interesting.  Also this workshop was being filmed for a documentary that will be shown in France.

– Gilles

Dark, Erotic, and Hawt

Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group:
There was a fun street fair happening outside the ALCC on St. Laurent Blvd, yet on the 4th floor of our building, we also had great fun reading some dark and erotic writings. Luscious brought some marvellous literature as usual (check out the photo!). Anne Rice’s Beauty’s Punishment was a hit. I definitely need to read that series. Luscious gave a wonderful reading of Anne Sexton’s retelling
of Little Red Riding Hood. I had totally forgotten that the tale of Little Red Riding Hood contained a certain Alternative Lifestyle….a Crossdressing Wolf!
– petal


Rope Bondage 101:
Lord Saxnot’s vast experience and knowledge of rope were enthusiastically greeted by a fun group of people in the last Bondage 101 workshop. A couple of us were even eager to show Saxnot some ties we had learnt on the internet… and he was just as quick to show us how unsafe they were! Just goes to show you, you have to be careful. There is so much information readily available now, but it is so important to have an expert to explain what is safe, and what is not.
– petal

Drop-In Day March 6

Montreal got hit with a big snow storm, but that did not deter the ALCC from it’s Drop in Day.
Tea and coffee were on hand for those who needed warm drinks. Great conversation was right at hand as usual. This is an an exciting time for our Centre and the drop-in day reflected it.
There were so many inspiring ideas for the future, so many practical things we can do to succeed more and more. Our team keeps growing and finding more great people to help out. 
I must say, I really enjoy the range of topics that are covered on our drop-in days. So many fun times just relaxing and discussing important and interesting things.
– Petal

Potluck February 26th

The potluck on Saturday, February 26th was VERY well attended!  Lots of people, sharing food and chatting.  Some showed just for the potluck, and some from the Dungeon Monitor training had remained behind for it. Sandwiches, pizza, chips, pop, and chocolate chip cake with great chit chat!

For those looking for a way to just get to know more in the community in a relaxed atmosphere, this is a good way. Come on by for the next one!