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Amateur Bondage Group February 6


Amateur Bondage Group - Hogtied!

The Amateur Bondage Group met on February 6, and it was very well attended indeed!  Some regular faces and some new ones too!  Welcome to those who are new!

Members practiced their rope bondage on each other, learned some stuff and taught others what they have learned as well. Many are well on their way to being pretty proficient in rope bondage it looks like!  One subject was even put into a hogtie incorporating not just the usual method, but legs to crotch harness as well as wrists, and the hair tied back to the ankles as well!

Looking forward to the next group!

– Vanessa

Amateur Bondage Workshop Jan 9

Filling in for Contessa Alura was Vanessa (me lol) on this workshop.  It was very well attended, with some regulars and some new faces!

After teaching a few basic knots and a couple of basic hand ties including how to make a rope handcuff, members began practicing their bondage on each other.  Books were opened and many practiced some of the ties in them. Some very wonderful looking ties and ropework! For an amateur group they learn quick!

Thank you to all who attended!

– Vanessa


Drop-in Day Jan 9

On Sunday, Janurary 9th we had our monthly drop-in day. We had a few drop in to say hi and show their support and we also had some stop by to learn more about the ALCCVA. More and more people are finding us, and wanting to know more, this shows that we are succeeding in getting known!

All in all a very good drop-in!

– Vanessa