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Finally here… BDSM for Dummies!

Our first group was very quiet due to the day being the first lovely spring day of the year. It’s actually a lucky break for me since Gilles found a bunch of typo’s in my BDSM Beginnger pamphlet so I was kind of saved.
This new group will essentially replace our old BDSM Etiquitte and BDSM Beginner Safety. We feel a group is a better setting to encourage new people to come and learn about BDSM and share about their fears and concerns or question.
This group is for all those new to BDSM or interested in learning more. The first hour will be an info session about BDSM, conducting yourself in the community, getting started at events, what to wear, how to meet people, and of course providing you the basics you need to know about safety and experimenting. The second hour we will open the floor to questions and sharing. The last hour will be for everyone to chat, socialize, and make friends!

Contessa Alura

Director of Education

Amateur Bondage Group – Nov 7

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The second Amateur Bondage Group meeting was another success. Contessa Alura gave us some quick safety pointers, some quick basic bondage tie instructions, then let us start tying each other up.

This group is a huge advantage for those of us who don’t have many opportunities to practice. It is a nice setting to learn – relaxed, with interesting people, and lots of rope around. We were all helping each other, with knots, with ties, with bondage books, etc. There is so much to learn about rope, about bondage. At one time, it seemed so intimidating to me. But with this group, with courses at the ALCCVA, I feel that it is something that I can get better at with practice. I was so happy to see everybody learning, everybody making something amazing – harnesses, interesting rope ties, etc.

There is so much to rope, the look, the way it flows, the way it feels. At one point, almost everybody in the room had rope on them in one way or another. Great fun!

– Petal


First Amateur Bondage group meet – Oct 3

Our first beginners bondage group meet was a huge success. A lot of people came to learn about bondage, share with others, and refine some of those knots we couldn’t quite remember how to tie.

Many of us had attended one or more of the bondage workshops offered at the ALCC-CCVA and learned a few rope ties that we were doing. All of us had forgotten one or more of the steps to getting it right but interestingly, we all remembered a different part and combined, we were able to remember the whole process and finish the tie perfectly! It was fantastic watching someone get to a stand-still and another jump in to carry us to the next part lol.

I had hoped more people would bring step-by-step instructions or ROPE at the very least, so we didn’t quite have enough for everyone to practice with. While we have some we can share, please do not depend on this for the next group. It is very important for everyone to bring something to contribute. I’d like to see more books and photos to help us learn more.

Thank you to all those who attended, laughed, had fun with us, and to the wonderful people who allowed me to practice rope bondage on them. Since Moonchild Kitty was not there, I didn’t have the chance to fulfill my challenge of tying her so she can’t escape. However, hindsight, I’m REALLY glad I didn’t have to do it that day because my serious eff0rts to practice my technique on Kasandra resulted in a 30 second escape and a quickly defeated challenge lol…. I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME MY PRETTY, AND YOUR LITTLE KITTY TOO!!!

See you next month!

– Contessa Alura


Beginners Flogging Workshop – Sept 7

I had a small group for his workshop, but a very enthusiastic one!

We looked at the various types of floggers and what they do, how the material of floggers change the feel and force of the impact, and how to move the body and wrists.

We talked about starting soft an incorporating sensuality in flogging. I often see people begin wailing on others or starting rough. If you like that, great, but there’s a lot to be said about starting slowly and softly to establish comfort and trust and then progressing to hard. Enjoy the journey I always say.

We talked about safety and areas NOT to flog with too much force. We covered warm-ups and getting the skin ready for flogging.

The students had a chance to practice some of the techniques we covered such as finding their wrists, and aim, by hitting the backs of chairs. Then we moved on to people. A big thank you to Glovesub for being our fabulous demo model and braving the newbie floggers. I was amazed to see how quickly some people progress and how others are truly naturals and just get it right away.

We will be doing an advanced flogging next month, learning how to Florentine (double handed flogging) and as well another basic course for those of you who missed this one.

– Contessa Alura