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Do your balls hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Do you like to tie them in knots?

Thank you to David aka “asubmale”, for a lovely “Cock and Ball Play”, workshop last night. He gave everyone a hand out that certainly helped to guide us along and refer back to.
David had many DIY (do-it-yoursself) items for CBP and it was great to see how cheap a fun activity can be. A lot of people think you have to have fancy tools and expensive equipment to do many BDSM play activities. Oh contraire, dollar store clothes pins, hangers, cheap string from Canadian Tire, and more.
The best part was that David himself was his own demo model and it was really great to see someone so comfortable with being open to share with others.
Thank you for an informative workshop and to those who attended!
          Contessa Alura
Director of Education

Contessa’s Cock and Ball Play Workshop – Oct 27/2010

What an intersting group this was lol. Much of the workshop was taught by the lovely David, whom being a very experienced bottom in the area of cock and ball play, offered both his package up for grabs as well as his knowledge.
Since we had a small group this was perfect. It alllowed me the opportunity to basically interview him as a future worshop coordinator and I was happpy with his knowledge and delivery. You will see more of him, and that includes all his parts lol, in the coming months at the centre.
We talked about safety, bondage for cock and balls, percussive play and the effects, different kinds of cock and ball play such as sensual, streching of the balls with wieghts, bondage on the cock and balls, and more.
Thank you to CBTboy for vounteering your parts for our workshop but unfortunately, they didn’t get used. You did get an eyefull though lol.
– CA