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It was a dark and horny night…

Dark and Erotic Imaginings:
Well, if you wanted to know what a “Sleeve Job” is, then we learned all  about it during a reading from Robert Nye’s wonderful book: Merlin. I won’t spoil it for you however, it is a book I recommend.
We had fun hearing Clov’s own work: Slave Gold… Great writing! He has created an entire world through his writing.
Isis read from a book of poetry around an interesting concept…. poems which only use words containing one vowel (e.g. the first poem only has A as it’s only vowel for every word) Eunoia, writen by Christian Bok. She had an interesting observation on the poems, that it seems so constraining to have to write a poem with words having  the same vowel for each and every word. But I found the poems so expressive, expansive, free and imaginative.
It’s as if the constraint actually was liberating at the same time. I immediately thought of how bondage, or restraints… while seemingly
constraining, can actually be liberating to the spirit and immagination. It kind  of channels energy in a way.
But maybe BDSM is too much on my mind!
– petal

Dark, Erotic, and Hawt

Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group:
There was a fun street fair happening outside the ALCC on St. Laurent Blvd, yet on the 4th floor of our building, we also had great fun reading some dark and erotic writings. Luscious brought some marvellous literature as usual (check out the photo!). Anne Rice’s Beauty’s Punishment was a hit. I definitely need to read that series. Luscious gave a wonderful reading of Anne Sexton’s retelling
of Little Red Riding Hood. I had totally forgotten that the tale of Little Red Riding Hood contained a certain Alternative Lifestyle….a Crossdressing Wolf!
– petal

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough

Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group – April 17, 2011:

“Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough…” I actually know and love some poetry. But don’t get enough time to read and enjoy literature. Which is one reason I am thankful for this Group. Luscious is such a lover of literature, and has such a fine eye for erotic literature in particular. Life is short, we all need to take the time to enjoy the pleasures of the written and spoken word.

– petal

Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group – March 20



We were treated to some fascinating readings at the latest Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group. Clov brought one of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories to life with humour and observations. We also had some new attendees read some quite amazing work of their own. I never cease to be astonished by the quality of the writing that we hear at this group.
Luscious brought some wonderfully erotic literature. And she truly does have a fantastic reading voice. I felt so inspired, I might try my own hand at writing some poetry to share.
– Petal