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It was a dark and horny night…

Dark and Erotic Imaginings:
Well, if you wanted to know what a “Sleeve Job” is, then we learned all  about it during a reading from Robert Nye’s wonderful book: Merlin. I won’t spoil it for you however, it is a book I recommend.
We had fun hearing Clov’s own work: Slave Gold… Great writing! He has created an entire world through his writing.
Isis read from a book of poetry around an interesting concept…. poems which only use words containing one vowel (e.g. the first poem only has A as it’s only vowel for every word) Eunoia, writen by Christian Bok. She had an interesting observation on the poems, that it seems so constraining to have to write a poem with words having  the same vowel for each and every word. But I found the poems so expressive, expansive, free and imaginative.
It’s as if the constraint actually was liberating at the same time. I immediately thought of how bondage, or restraints… while seemingly
constraining, can actually be liberating to the spirit and immagination. It kind  of channels energy in a way.
But maybe BDSM is too much on my mind!
– petal

Dark / Erotic Poetry – Group (Bilingual), November 21, Isis and Luscious

Dark Poetry ALCCVA 24 Oct 2010

Another great Dark/Erotic Poetry Group meeting. A great range of poetry was read this week. We heard from present day poems, written by some of the members…
We heard from Victorian age poems…
Some Marquis de Sade, of course.

Finally, we heard from very ancient poetry about the goddess Inanna, surprisingly sexy stuff!

Isis and I even did a reading from James Joyce’s Ulysses. She has a wonderful reading voice, and I was happy enough to hold my own, reading the part of the harried Leopold Bloom.

Thank you everyone who participated, this group continues to encourage and foster my on again, off again love of reading.

– petal