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Droppin’ on in!

Drop in Day at the ALCC- May Day!
What a beautiful day in the neighbourhood… and a great drop in day. Super friendly and great people came by the ALCC to talk and relax. The bake sale to support our Leather Lifestyle friends went well. Contessa Alura made some delicious cupcakes & there were cookies and other treats on hand. In addition, a great ally from the Gender Advocacy 2110 Centre showed up. She was very enthusiastic about our organization, as we are about hers. There will definitely be a great partnership between our centres. A great day all around!
– petal

Drop-in Day

We had a very quiet drop-in day this month but justifyably so… what a beautiful day we were fortunate enough to have. I think we might will have to bring our potlucks back outside in the park as I think we are FINALLY getting the warm weather going!
Thanks to Gilles and Abbey for keeping me company yesterday and a lovely spring day. Our conversations are always extremely entertaining!
Contessa Alura
Director of Education

Drop-in Day Jan 9

On Sunday, Janurary 9th we had our monthly drop-in day. We had a few drop in to say hi and show their support and we also had some stop by to learn more about the ALCCVA. More and more people are finding us, and wanting to know more, this shows that we are succeeding in getting known!

All in all a very good drop-in!

– Vanessa

Drop-in Day – December 5, 2010

A nice and relaxing Drop in day at the ALCC. Talked and joked and enjoyed some snacks.  Great thing about our drop-ins, is that we are there for anybody who feels like coming for the full 3 hours, or even just a few minutes. A great way to connect with open-minded people.

– petal

Drop in Day – Oct 3

A lovely day with familiar faces and of course, interesting conversation.

A small group this Sunday but a lively bunch nonetheless. I arrived and was immediately offered a fork and told to dig in to the community poutine. That was a nice surprise lol, and a delicious one!

Petal and Frank were there to represent the ALCC-CCVA and offer info to those who came by. We are working on expanding our materials and offering more info that people can simply take home.

Thanks to those of you who dropped by to visit us and to Petal and Frank for their hard work.

– C.A.

Another DID – Sept 12

Yet another suprise turn-out for drop-in-day!

We had many lovely folks come by ad spend time hanging out with us, chatting about all kinds of things. There was a great deal of conversation about the BDSM community in Montreal, more the English group dealing mostly with public events. People seemed unanimously disappointed in the events being offered and seemed to be saying they want more private underground play parties. They were saying that the public events are more just social gatherings for dress and that the play doesn’t reflect the old school or long ago nature of true BDSM play. Some said and others agreed that they felt that in a more private context people could really feel free to get in that “space”.

We had a few new people which is always wonderful. One, a lovely lady from Toronto that has just joined our community and an older gentleman who found out about us at the MFW.

There is a very special mention I would like to make and that is of the incredible generosity of someone who dropped in and donated $500 to the help support the centre! We extend a deep and heartfelt THANK YOU to the person who offered this to us! You have no idea how much your donation helped us!

Great seeing everyone, glad you all came out and see you next time.

Remember this is our last day in the Joytoyz location… we are moving to the room next door #417!

– Contessa Alura