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D/s Relationships Workshop

D/s Relationships Workshop Sept 14, 2011

The D/s Relationships workshop was held this past Wednesday, given by Contessa Alura and like the group before it, VERY well attended! Despite another topic that can be a long one to cover, it was done remarkably for the Read the rest of this entry

D/s Relationships

D/s Relationships Workshop

Another excellent workshop by Contessa Alura.  The D/s relation workshop is an excellent workshop for both beginners and more experienced people in the BDSM community.  Contessa went to great length to explain different types of both dominants and submissive.  Explaining the differences between the different types of relations.  She explained how to keep it going, rules and contracts and many other things.  She brought tears to my eyes.  An excellent workshop.  But it was too short since she stil had a lot of stuff to talk about.

– Gilles