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6 New Dungeon/Play monitors!!!

This was our second course offered FREE to the public in order to encourage more people to be active in their community and support safe play spaces. This of course, was NOT at the expense of our coordinator, Lord Saxnot. Happily we were able to budget $100 to give to Saxnot as payment to give the course, without actually having to charge the general public.
The project seems to be working WELL!!! We have six people in total who have expressed an interest in carrying on their training to recieve full certfication as DM/PM’s on behalf of the ALCC. We hope to see them out there in the field volunteering and offering to monitor play spaces all over Montreal. It is also our sincere hope that the organizers of events offering play at their parties will not only accept their cerificatation and training but validate the importance of such training by by starting a standard whereby only people with “training” or “certification” can monitor their spaces…. this I realize is an ideal for the future, but I personally feel confident that people will begin to move in this direction. However, at the BARE MINIMUM, we hope that event organizers of play areas will start to incorporate more DM/PM’s in their spaces at parties.
Thank you to those of you who are enthusiasic and ready for real training. We know your journey will be long and difficult but it takes very special people to deal with the challenges of keeping people and play areas safe. We salute you!
Finally, I am proud to report that I will be offering our next training course!
Contessa Alura
Director of Education