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What can be done with wax

What can be done with wax

This was another very interesting workshop.  Contessa Alura talked about the different type of candles.  What to use and what not to use.  Also how to prepare the play area and security items you should have when doing wax play.  She then started her demonstration on her lovely model.  After dripping some wax on him, she decided to blindfold him so Read the rest of this entry

Who’s that doll?

Dollification Workshop, Sunday Sept 18, 2011

The Dollification workshop was held on Sunday, with Vanessa giving the workshop. In it she talked about female masking, dollification, the dollification lifestyle, where to buy the masks, tips, and the multitude of reasons behind Read the rest of this entry

Wanted to learn about fetishes? Here it was!

Intro to Fetish:
Clov’s discussion on ‘fetish’ explored the meaning and current use of the word. What is the power of fetish? How and why can fetishes affect us? These are just a few of the questions which Clov explored through examples from history, sport, film, art, and sexy images!
– petal

Fetishism? Heck ya! Gotta Explore That!!!

 An interesting workshop

   An interesting workshop about fetishism given by Clove Saffron.  His well researched material on fetishism was interesting to listen too.  He explained the original definition of fetish and how it has evolved today.  He provided a few quick exercises to the participants to help illustrate what could be considered fetishism.  A good workshop.

– Gilles


date: Saturday, March 19, 2011
time: 08:00 PM to 03:00 AM
where: St. Lambert: 5 minutes from metro Longueuil
Cost: $30 at the door

Come out for an evening of play, performances and workshops in the spacious fully equipped 4400 sq. ft private play space of Maître Ex.

RSVP for location, email

BYOB – jusque’a 3h

Performances by Velma CandyAss, Pierre Black, Tajam, Mistress Irony, and Mistress Hell Kitty

Hands-on Workshops with Mr O and MzTina, JNorman, Lady Evyl, Satanica, Shadow 13, and many more

DRESS CODE: Latex, leather, lingerie, fetish, sexy, or all black is suggested.

DUNGEON: A fully equipped dungeon is available for play throughout the evening and will be monitored by the ALCC. All safe, sane and consensual play is welcome. Please be respectful of others

Silent Auction

Snoflake will be at the event with her fetish designs & accessories (cuffs, collars, rings and more) . Part of the proceeds of every sale made that night will be donated to the ALCC, so make sure to come and check it out!
Online store :

Les Soirees Kalor is donating a Satin & Mesh Bustier\& Matching G-String – Retail price $44.99.

Club Sin Montréal 1 – fetish weekend a pair of tickets to the Latextacy Ball (value $80) 2 – a Workshop Weekend Pass (value $60)

Savon will offer a photo shoot

not4play designs is donating a set of rubber wrist cuffs & collar – Retail price $40

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Satanica Violet Wand 101 November 10, 2010

violet wand

   The workshop started with a brief history of the violet wand and of some of it’s early use.  It mainly appeared around the beginning of the 20th century.  Some of it’s early use was to treat certain skin problems.  Today it’s still in use to dissinfect the skin after removal of black heads or other skin treatment.. 

   Satanica then explained the differences between the old violet wands with a wax core and the newer ones with a ceramic core.  After that she started explaining the different types of play with the wand.  Including direct contact, indirect contact via the top (dominant) and finally indirect contact via the bottom (submissive). 

   She then started demonstrating different electrodes on her lovely model.  During this she explained the safety factors and risk of violet wand play.  3 main reasons you should not play with a violet wand.  1- You are epileptic.  2- You have heart problems. 3- You have a pacemaker.

   She demonstrated the 3 main types of play with different electrodes.  All having different levels of intensity and effects.  Finally she concluded the workshop on how to clean your wand and how to maintain it in top shape.

   A very informative workshop.

– Glovesub

Drop in day – Nov 7

Following on the heels of the BDSM safety workshop was our ALCCVA drop-in day. The discussion from the previous activity blended in very nicely with the people dropping in. I really enjoy the freedom to talk about “Alternative Lifestyle” things with a variety of people. For example, I can’t think of many social settings where I could go from talking about politics to flogging in the same conversation. And I must say, I do enjoy those big red comfy chairs…
– Petal

Saxnot’s Beginner’s BDSM Safety – Nov 7

Lord Saxnot's Workshop

As usual, Lord Saxnot’s workshop was filled with interesting stories which made his lessons hit home.  He created a very fun and relaxed learning atmosphere, while at the same time making some very important points on BDSM safety. This was a very important workshop for anyone new on the scene. Actually, experienced players could benefit from the class as well. Some of the topics included: Safety call, how to find safe and compatible play partners, public events, private events, emotional and physical safety, amongst others. If you want to find a BDSM play partner, in any capacity, then I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.
– Petal

Contessa’s Cock and Ball Play Workshop – Oct 27/2010

What an intersting group this was lol. Much of the workshop was taught by the lovely David, whom being a very experienced bottom in the area of cock and ball play, offered both his package up for grabs as well as his knowledge.
Since we had a small group this was perfect. It alllowed me the opportunity to basically interview him as a future worshop coordinator and I was happpy with his knowledge and delivery. You will see more of him, and that includes all his parts lol, in the coming months at the centre.
We talked about safety, bondage for cock and balls, percussive play and the effects, different kinds of cock and ball play such as sensual, streching of the balls with wieghts, bondage on the cock and balls, and more.
Thank you to CBTboy for vounteering your parts for our workshop but unfortunately, they didn’t get used. You did get an eyefull though lol.
– CA

Erotic / Dark Poetry – Group (Bilingual) – October 24

Dark Poetry ALCCVA 24 Oct 2010

Well, a very enjoyable time reading and hearing some erotic literature.  Amanda is the wonderful new facilitator for this group and her love for books
will definitely make this group a success.

She read some poetry, including a very descriptive Victorian poem…

“There are weals over weals,
there are stripes upon stripes
there are cuts after cuts…”
(Charlie Collingwood’s Flogging by Etoniensis)
Even I read a short story on spanking!
Thanks for reminding me how wonderful the written word can be… for reminding me to take the time to read more also – both kinky and non-kinky topics.
– Petal