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Candyland was AWESOME!!!!

CANDYLAND WAS AWESOME!!! A very special thank you to all the people who helped in the dungeon: Mistress Mr.O & MzTina, Mistress Irony & Hazel, Sir Kira & Restrikt, Sadist Faction, Satanic & Friend, Kay de Monet, Glovedsub, Abbey, Frank, Petal, to RedRain, Yevdhora, Xavier & Gabriel, and of course to everyone who helped make Candyland FABULOUS!!!

We had our grand total of $400 raised after all is said and done!!! WOW, this was truly a fundraiswer. Thanks RED RAIN for your support and hard work. YOU and your team were wonderful.

– CA

“Exploring the Meaning of Fetish” – Sept 19

The word “fetish” is used too loosely these days. This workshop was an attempt to define it more precisely. We talked about non-sexual as well as sexual fetish. The participants agreed that Americans make a fetish of their flag and were very interested to learn that section 8 part J of the flag code states: ”The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing.”

When we discussed sexual fetishes the participants were very interested in the discovery in 2002 by Dr. Vilayanur S. Ramachandran stated that the region processing sensory input from the feet lies immediately next to the region processing sexual stimulation. This is where foot fetish comes from in my opinion.

A lively discussion followed the presentation.

– Clov Saffron

Cross-dressers Unite #3 – Sept 11

Our third Crossdresser group had a fun new element- a makeup lesson.

Vanessa Cummings is a transsexual woman who was very generous in sharing her knowledge, time, and experience with us. We learned a lot about makeup, but also especially how to use makeup to hide some of our male features.

We all learned how to change our look. It was a fascinating lesson. Vanessa really knows her stuff and explained so well. I was very impressed.

As in the previous groups, we discussed topics of concern to crossdressers: going out in public, why we cross-dress, places to go, etc. Really interesting things to talk about, that I certainly would not discuss at work for example!

That is one of the great things about the ALCC, it gives people of varying interests, a place to  go and chat about things in a totally non-judgmental forum.



Beginners Flogging Workshop – Sept 7

I had a small group for his workshop, but a very enthusiastic one!

We looked at the various types of floggers and what they do, how the material of floggers change the feel and force of the impact, and how to move the body and wrists.

We talked about starting soft an incorporating sensuality in flogging. I often see people begin wailing on others or starting rough. If you like that, great, but there’s a lot to be said about starting slowly and softly to establish comfort and trust and then progressing to hard. Enjoy the journey I always say.

We talked about safety and areas NOT to flog with too much force. We covered warm-ups and getting the skin ready for flogging.

The students had a chance to practice some of the techniques we covered such as finding their wrists, and aim, by hitting the backs of chairs. Then we moved on to people. A big thank you to Glovesub for being our fabulous demo model and braving the newbie floggers. I was amazed to see how quickly some people progress and how others are truly naturals and just get it right away.

We will be doing an advanced flogging next month, learning how to Florentine (double handed flogging) and as well another basic course for those of you who missed this one.

– Contessa Alura