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Whip it, whip it real good (well… err… flog it!) / Whip It, fouettez il bien réel (bien … euh … flog it!)

2016-02-10 13.45.37Français ci-dessous

A whole lotta of flogging going on! Then after that…. bondage!

First was the Flogging 101 Workshop, given by Contessa Alura. People learned the basics to get started and reducing the risk. Where to hit, where not to, and some techniques to get started. Sara Jay even demonstrated to a few how to start at florentine!

Afterwards, Vanessa (me!) Read the rest of this entry

Beginner Flogging Workshop – Oct 16

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The first time that I saw floggers being used, it seemed like such a mysterious activity. The flow of the flogger tails through the air, the almost dance-like reactions of the top and bottom, the ritualistic appearance of it… these were all things that impressed me.

Now I had the opportunity to learn about flogging from Contessa Alura, a true expert! Her workshop offered invaluable instruction regarding safety, communication, and enjoyment of flogging.

What struck me in particular was how these three aspects actually blend together and complement each other. There needs to be proper communication in order to ensure safety, which in turn leads to greater trust and a feeling of being able to ‘let go’.

We received amazing insights into what happens on an emotional level during this type of play. After learning so much, we had the opportunity to practice the techniques that Contessa Alura had explained. Although we were all beginners, we all started to develop our own ‘styles’.

Glovedsub served as a great demonstrator and excellent target practice also! Indeed, he had his own perspective with his own experiences which was interesting to hear also.

Is flogging any less mysterious to me? Not at all… I just have a deeper appreciation of the mystery of this kind of play, and of play in general.

– Petal

Beginners Flogging Workshop – Sept 7

I had a small group for his workshop, but a very enthusiastic one!

We looked at the various types of floggers and what they do, how the material of floggers change the feel and force of the impact, and how to move the body and wrists.

We talked about starting soft an incorporating sensuality in flogging. I often see people begin wailing on others or starting rough. If you like that, great, but there’s a lot to be said about starting slowly and softly to establish comfort and trust and then progressing to hard. Enjoy the journey I always say.

We talked about safety and areas NOT to flog with too much force. We covered warm-ups and getting the skin ready for flogging.

The students had a chance to practice some of the techniques we covered such as finding their wrists, and aim, by hitting the backs of chairs. Then we moved on to people. A big thank you to Glovesub for being our fabulous demo model and braving the newbie floggers. I was amazed to see how quickly some people progress and how others are truly naturals and just get it right away.

We will be doing an advanced flogging next month, learning how to Florentine (double handed flogging) and as well another basic course for those of you who missed this one.

– Contessa Alura