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Drop in Day – Oct 3

A lovely day with familiar faces and of course, interesting conversation.

A small group this Sunday but a lively bunch nonetheless. I arrived and was immediately offered a fork and told to dig in to the community poutine. That was a nice surprise lol, and a delicious one!

Petal and Frank were there to represent the ALCC-CCVA and offer info to those who came by. We are working on expanding our materials and offering more info that people can simply take home.

Thanks to those of you who dropped by to visit us and to Petal and Frank for their hard work.

– C.A.

Another DID – Sept 12

Yet another suprise turn-out for drop-in-day!

We had many lovely folks come by ad spend time hanging out with us, chatting about all kinds of things. There was a great deal of conversation about the BDSM community in Montreal, more the English group dealing mostly with public events. People seemed unanimously disappointed in the events being offered and seemed to be saying they want more private underground play parties. They were saying that the public events are more just social gatherings for dress and that the play doesn’t reflect the old school or long ago nature of true BDSM play. Some said and others agreed that they felt that in a more private context people could really feel free to get in that “space”.

We had a few new people which is always wonderful. One, a lovely lady from Toronto that has just joined our community and an older gentleman who found out about us at the MFW.

There is a very special mention I would like to make and that is of the incredible generosity of someone who dropped in and donated $500 to the help support the centre! We extend a deep and heartfelt THANK YOU to the person who offered this to us! You have no idea how much your donation helped us!

Great seeing everyone, glad you all came out and see you next time.

Remember this is our last day in the Joytoyz location… we are moving to the room next door #417!

– Contessa Alura

Another D.I.D. Drop-in Day / Une autre Journée Portes Ouvertes– Aug 29

[La version française est ci-dessous]

I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who came to the August drop in day at the ALCC!

A hot muggy Sunday was spent in the relatively cool ALCC sitting on the couch and just talking about everything and anything. And we got a new person who popped in too! I am so happy that more and more people are getting to know the ALCC and where we are!

Although I do admit; even though I had my laptop with me I did not get any work done at all! Oops!



J’aimerais remercier tous ceux et celles qui ont assisté à la Journée Portes Ouvertes du CCVA
du mois d’août!
Nous avons passé la journée sur les divans à parler de tout et de rien, loin du temps chaud et
humide. En plus, nous avons accueilli un nouveaux membre dans nos rangs! Je suis vraiment
contente que de plus en plus de gens commencent à entendre parler du CCVA et viennent
nous rencontrer!

Je dois toutefois dire que même si j’avais mon ordinateur portable avec moi, je n’ai pas du tout
travaillé. Oups!

– Kitty

Teddy Bear Picnic / Pique-nique aux animaux en peluche! – Aug 28

[La version française est ci-dessous]

Despite scheduling problems due to St. Laurent being closed and free concerts, the ALCC still managed to have their monthly Potluck in the Park! Beautiful weather throughout the early afternoon with us being able to sit on picnic tables provided by the city of Montreal gave us the perfect setting for our TeddyBear Picnic!

We were a small group but that does not matter! Bigger is not always better.

Almost everyone who showed up arrived with a teddy bear or a stuffed animal which made it all the more fun. Perhaps in a couple months time we will have another teddy bear picnic! Just wish I had a camera so we could have had pictures of this past potluck.

It is a shame that the colder weather will be arriving to us in Montreal and soon we will not be able to enjoy the little green park across from the building which houses the ALCC. I do hope that for the next potluck or two that it will still be nice enough out to have it outdoors before having to be indoors all winter!

Hope to see everyone at the next potluck!



Le CCVA a réussi à organiser son repas-partage mensuel dans le parc, malgré des problèmes
d’horaire causés par des concerts gratuits et la fermeture de la rue Saint-Laurent. La météo
était excellente et nous avons pu nous asseoir sur des bancs de pique-nique fournies par la
Ville de Montréal. Notre pique-nique au thématique d’animaux en peluche ne pouvait pas jouir
d’un meilleur encadrement!

Nous n’étions pas nombreux, mais ceci n’a pas d’importance. Etre nombreux n’est pas
forcément l’essentiel.
Nous avons atteint notre objectif, puisque pratiquement tous les participants ont apporté
un ours ou un animal en peluche. Peut-être referrons-nous un pique-nique semblable dans
quelques mois! J’aurais cependant souhaité avoir un appareil-photo pour prendre quelques
photos de l’évènement.

Il est dommage que le temps plus froid s’amène à grands pas à Montréal. Bientôt,
nous ne pourrons plus profiter du petit parc en face du bâtiment qui héberge le CCVA.
J’espère par contre qu’il fera suffisament beau dans les mois qui arrivent pour que nous
puissions faire notre prochain repas-partage dehors avant de devoir rentrer pour l’hiver!

J’espère vous revoir au prochain repas-partage!

– Kitty