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Bondage & Kink! / Ligotage et Kink!

Francais ci dessous


Sunday the 15th of May saw a lot of kink, from bondage to bringing kink out of you and not needing to feel any shame. We had a Bondage 101, Conscious Kink, then the Bondage Practice group!

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Bondage, Brats, and More Bondage! / Ligotage, Brat et encore du ligotage

20151018_172853Français ci-dessous

On Sunday the 18th of October, the ALCC held 2 workshops and a group. First up was Intermediate Bondage with Vanessa, then Brats 101 with Mangue, then the Bondage Practice group. A “Triple B Day”! lol!

In the Intermediate Bondage, people were refreshed on safety and risk reduction while doing bondage, then they started with hands on learning. From ways to bind limbs to objects singly, with two variations on the tie – one for laying down and one for standing. Next was ways to bind limbs together, some harness variations and styles, then ways to perform hogties and strapado tie. Read the rest of this entry

Exhibitionists! WOO!

Exhibitionist Group, Sunday November 13, 2011

This pilot group was a hit… of course lacking diversity of genders as usual but extremely interesting and fun nonetheless. It’s amazing where conversation can go when it has the freedom to go there… what didn’t we talk about? Some fabulous ideas for activities we can host came up: bachelor/ette auction, nude art and drawing and more! I’m really impressed, so many interesting people with varying experiences and lifestyles… Spain seems to be the place for exhibitionists! Can you think of why?

– Contessa

October Poly Meet

On Sunday the ALCC held its monthly Polyamorous Group, which was very well attended. There was lots of good discussion in both languages. Included in the discussion was how some came out to friends and family as poly, and how to address for instance when someone expresses interest in you (like “do you have a girlfriend?” being asked… Read the rest of this entry

Gender Can Be Diverse

Gender Diversity Group (Former Trans Unite Group) Sunday October 9, 2011

The ALCC’s Trans Unite Group has been renamed the Gender Diversity Group, to be more clear that it is and always open to all gender identity variations. As well, it has changed to a new location – the 2110 Center For Gender Diversity on Mackay. This location is a bit more accessible, and for those who may be put off by any security guards at the entrance, there are none. A huge thank you to the 2110 Center for allowing us to kindly use their space! Read the rest of this entry

Parade Then Bondage… Can It Get Better?

Rope gauntlet done at the amateur bondage group, silk rope

The turnout at the Amateur Bondage Group on Sunday, August 14th was pretty good, even though some of us had finished a pretty tiring couple of days with Pride! And after the Pride Parade those of us who were in it were prettttyyyy tired lol!  Heck I was still in my fetish gear 😛

It seems every month the group gets a new person popping in, which is great! That is what the group is there for! A place for those who are new or even just a tad rusty to hone up on their rope bondage skills by practicing on each other.  Thankfully J brought a whack of rope, as I didn’t have time to go home and grab mine!  He has a fabulous assortment of various types!

Even with a few of us a bit fatigued, there was quite a bit of practice going on, and I was impressed at how quickly those new caught on 🙂

So if you’ve never attended one, and are new or need some practice, come on by to the next one!  (I’ll try nudge Contessa to be there 😉 hehehe)


– Vanessa, Secretary

Hot bondage on a hot day

Amateur Bondage Group, July 10, 2011

It was hot on Sunday, and thankfully there was air conditioning at the ALCC because there was some hot bondage being done! Yanno, for supposed “amateurs” the group did some pretty remarkable ties! If you have yet to attend one, I would definitely suggest attending one – you can help show others what you know and you can learn some pretty cool new stuff off of others too.  We even had a couple of new faces show!  Salutations to B and D!

And it seemed that the time flew by so quickly! I guess that what they do say about “time flying when having fun” is sooooo true!  “Still” had only completed two ties and the group was winding down… but *great* ties they were – as you can see!


– Vanessa Cummings (aka Vanessa Fetish)

ALCC Secretary



Literature Can Be HOT!

Dark and Erotic Imaginings – May 22,2011
Another soul-satisfying Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group! A great variety of poetry and prose. It is so fascinating to hear someone read their own writings. I was deeply impressed with the creativity of everyone in the group. Isis, the evening’s group leader, shows so much enthusiasm and genuine feeling… those positive feelings spread throughout the group. Everyone read and listened with such openness, it was a joy to be there. I am getting more and more inspired to try my own hand at writing. One continuing hit is anything written by Evelyn Lau. She definitely received the Dark and Erotic Imaginings “Seal of Approval”!  As well as Anne Rice writing as “A.N. Roquelaure” – ie the “Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty”!
– petal

Crossdressers Unite! Jan 16


On a very cold Sunday night the monthly Crossdressers Unite group met.  Perhaps because of the cold attendance was sparse this time, and the day will be also changed to a Saturday soon.

Despite the low attendance, we talked about things both related to transgender and other topics as well. One topic that was touched on was acceptance. If we wish to have acceptance and tolerance of us, we must also show acceptance and tolerance to others as well, a topic sparked by some controversial statements made by some members of an Ottawa TG group which one of us was a member but has withdrawn over the comments.

Remember – you do not have to be “out of the closet” to attend the groups, nor do you have to dress. You can come as you wish!

Until next time!

– Vanessa

Massage Lovers Group – Oct 10

A very relaxing learning experience took place this Sunday at the ALCC.
It was the first meeting of the Massage Lovers group, led by Xavier. 

Thanksgiving weekend meant we had a small group, but the people who came were lucky to get one on one instruction and wonderfully enjoyable massages.

We were given an introduction to Shiatsu massage techniques.

Xavier has a very practical and open teaching style which is ideal for learning  about massage. I found it interesting that the techniques we learned were not tiring for the one giving the massage, yet yielded impressive results. 

The enjoyment of the people being massaged was quite evident. We all smiled when one person said: “That’s a ‘WOW’ spot”, during her massage. It seems Shiatsu massage is fun to give and to receive.

Certainly, massage is an important way to connect physically with others and also has important health benefits.
– Petal