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Cross-dressers Unite #3 – Sept 11

Our third Crossdresser group had a fun new element- a makeup lesson.

Vanessa Cummings is a transsexual woman who was very generous in sharing her knowledge, time, and experience with us. We learned a lot about makeup, but also especially how to use makeup to hide some of our male features.

We all learned how to change our look. It was a fascinating lesson. Vanessa really knows her stuff and explained so well. I was very impressed.

As in the previous groups, we discussed topics of concern to crossdressers: going out in public, why we cross-dress, places to go, etc. Really interesting things to talk about, that I certainly would not discuss at work for example!

That is one of the great things about the ALCC, it gives people of varying interests, a place to  go and chat about things in a totally non-judgmental forum.




BDSM Literature Group / Groupe de Littérature BDSM – Aug 30

[La version française est ci-dessous]

This is a brand new group that we were trying out.

Only two persons attended the first meeting of this proposed group. Topics were: preferred genres of literature (fiction, poetry, drama) most suited to BDSM topics, and preferred types of BDSM activity to be discussed in any literature which might be produced. Also discussed were sources and forms of inspiration, and how to recognize them when they arise.

This group will not be continuing after Septemeber since I am unable to predict my availabilities due to weather. Perhaps we will pick this up again in the spring.

– Clov Saffron


Nous avons essayé de créer un nouveau Groupe de Littérature BDSM.

Pour notre première rencontre, nous avions que deux participants. Nous avons parlé des
activités BDSM que nous préférons voir dans la littérature et quels genres de littérature sont
les plus appropriés selon nous pour parler de BDSM. Nous avons aussi parlé de nos sources
d’inspiration, et comment les utiliser lorsqu’elles se manifestent.

Les rencontres de ce groupe ne se poursuivront plus dès le mois de septembre, puisque la
météo m’empêche de déterminer quelles seront mes disponibilités. Nous allons peut-être nous
réunir à nouveau le printemps prochain.

– Clov