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Hmmmm…. Maybe Naked Yoga is a Great Idea!

In today’s Montreal Gazette.

So maybe the popular Naked Yoga is a grrrrreat idea!!!

– Vanessa, Secretary

It’s Fun To Exercise Naaakkkid!!!

Naked Yoga was held in a warm, inviting, roomy and very well suited loft, the naked yoga proved to once again, have been very much worth the effort of battling the cold and shyness once feels for the first coupld minutes. After it begins however, the exercises quickly remind you how much we should all be doing yoga much more often. The instructor’s knowledge and flexibility in the matter at hand is clear and the class focus was as much on the positions as on the breathing. Also it was great to also get little tricks and tips for those of us with not quite the flex we should have. 🙂

-Kinky K

Naked Yoga – Feb 20 – To Be Rescheduled

The naked yoga for February 20 is to be rescheduled – not cancelled – just rescheduled.  New date and time to be announced shortly.