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Radical Queer Semaine Conference “Educating Sexualities” March 10

Radical Queer Semaine 2011

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On Thursday, March 10, the ALCC attended the Radical Queer Semaine 2011 conference “Educating Sexualities”.  The panel included Michel Dorais (Dead Boys Can’t Dance), Plan Q (MYCAH, PolitiQ, ASSÉ and La Centrale), Head & Hands (Sense Project) and Shelley Taylor (Venus Envy, Ottawa). 
Being discussed was how there is so little sex education in the schools now in Quebec, and what could be done to encourage more of it and for it to be far more diverse than it was and is. Without educating on sex, the different sexualities and different gender identities, we risk the youth not having the knowledge and understanding that they would need in later life experiences.  It was a very well attended conference, with many great ideas and discussions.
The ALCC had material available about the centre and alternative lifestyles, and made some great contacts with not just those on the panel but many within the queer community.
The Radical Queer Semaine has many interesting activities going until March 20th, more here, and do feel free to attend what you can!
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