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Bondage Hojojutsu Ligotage – Oct 6

It was great to see so many people at the workshop! And some new faces too!

The workshop was extremely informative, going into the history and uses of Hojojutsu bondage. It looked as if it was one of the more difficult forms of bondage to escape. In fact, it was used extensively by Japanese police for restraining people quickly and effectively. Dunter even taught us how to tie someone up with singlehandedly.

There were ten people at this workshop. Thank-you all for attending and I hope to see you again soon!

– Happy Frank



J’étais ravi de voir autant de monde à cet atelier! Et plusieurs nouveaux meebres en plus!

L’atelier était très instructif et fort intéressant accompagné d’un aperçu de l’histoire du Hojojutsu et de ses usages. La police japonaise s’en servait paraît-il afin de restreindre des criminels de façon rapide et efficace. Dunter nous a même appris à ligoter une personne en se servant d’une seule main.

Il y avait dix personnes à cet atelier. Merci tout le monde d’avoir participé et à la prochaine!

– Happy Frank

Mummify me BABY!!! – Sept 28

It seems like the 28th of each month is becoming mummification day lol… wonder if I could get that to spread around the world? International Mummification Day? Whatever!

Thanks to everyone who attended tonight. Especially Glovedsub, who volunteered to be my demo model and was marevlous, and also to Danny A. Godbout, contestant for Mr. Leather Montreal 2011, for bringing a great deal of new people to the ALCC-CCVA from the gay community. There will be more to say about initiatives Danny is organizing for the ALCC-CCVA!!!

Well, we had lots of different preferences when it came to the “type” of platic to wrap with. I am happy to see that people are really out there trying things and enjoying different aspects of BDSM play and mummification play. It was actually great to hear the variety of reasons some enjoyed the bondage tape from sex shops, or plastic wrap from the grocery store. I have already stated my preference in my previous Mummification blog, but after tonight, I have decided to try going back to the other types of PVC wrap that I did’t enjoy to experience it with a new frame of mind and suggestions from the group. Thank you to the lovely male trio who offered their advice!

Of course we covered the usual topics of safety, varieties, and use of mummification and mummification wrap. We talked about the different strategies, time periods for full enclosure mummification and trust. I even had the chance to take advantage of poor Glovedsub all wrapped up on the floor by tickling him, squishing him, and stealing his credit cards lol (JK).

At the end of the workshop everyone had an opportunity to try out mummification, both giving and receiveing. We even had a chance to snap a photo or two! Thanks to those who allowed us to capture the moment with a photograph for our blog, much appreciated

– Contessa Alura

Dunter’s Restriction Bondage Workshop / Activité de Ligotage Restrictif par Dunter – Sept 1

[La version française est ci-dessous]

For anyone who really knows me, getting out of rope is a bit of a hobby for me. Try your best
to tie me up and have me not be able to get out of it. I love being tied up as much as I love the
challenge of trying to get out of the bondage. Well I quickly learned in this workshop given by
Dunter that some bondage is impossible to get out of!

As with all of Dunter’s bondage workshops, he explained the health risks that can be involved
with bondage, especially with the type he would be teaching us on the Wednesday evening of
this month. He showed various restrictive ties in order to make sure that your partner will not be
able to move or escape. After each tie was shown, we could then practice on our partner and
have our partner practice on us.

Words cannot express how much I would like to thank Dunter for giving this workshop. I
tremendously enjoy his first Wednesday of the month bondage workshops! To learn more about
Dunter or to speak to him personally, check out his website

Hope to see the regular bondage students at Dunter’s next workshop and new faces
as well! Until then, I am sure plenty of us will be practicing the ties we have learned!!


Ceux qui me connaissent bien savent que l’une de mes activités préférées est de tenter de
me libérer d’un ligotage. Je vous mets au défi de non seulement me ligoter, mais aussi de
m’empêcher d’en sortir! J’adore être ligotée ainsi que d’essayer de m’en libérer. Dans son
atelier, Dunter m’a montré qu’il est impossible de se libérer de certains types de ligotages!

Comme d’habitude, Dunter nous a expliqué les risques de santé associés au ligotage, en
particulier le type de ligotage qu’il allait nous enseigner mercredi soir. Il nous a montré
plusieurs noeuds qui sont efficaces pour empêcher notre partenaire de bouger ou de
s’échapper. Après la théorie, nous avons pu les essayer avec notre partenaire.

Merci beaucoup Dunter pour ce superbe atelier! J’aime vraiment ses ateliers de ligotage le
premier mercredi de chaque mois! Pour en savoir plus ou pour parler à Dunter, visitez son site
web :

– Kitty