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Bondage Hojojutsu Ligotage – Oct 6

It was great to see so many people at the workshop! And some new faces too!

The workshop was extremely informative, going into the history and uses of Hojojutsu bondage. It looked as if it was one of the more difficult forms of bondage to escape. In fact, it was used extensively by Japanese police for restraining people quickly and effectively. Dunter even taught us how to tie someone up with singlehandedly.

There were ten people at this workshop. Thank-you all for attending and I hope to see you again soon!

– Happy Frank



J’étais ravi de voir autant de monde à cet atelier! Et plusieurs nouveaux meebres en plus!

L’atelier était très instructif et fort intéressant accompagné d’un aperçu de l’histoire du Hojojutsu et de ses usages. La police japonaise s’en servait paraît-il afin de restreindre des criminels de façon rapide et efficace. Dunter nous a même appris à ligoter une personne en se servant d’une seule main.

Il y avait dix personnes à cet atelier. Merci tout le monde d’avoir participé et à la prochaine!

– Happy Frank

First Amateur Bondage group meet – Oct 3

Our first beginners bondage group meet was a huge success. A lot of people came to learn about bondage, share with others, and refine some of those knots we couldn’t quite remember how to tie.

Many of us had attended one or more of the bondage workshops offered at the ALCC-CCVA and learned a few rope ties that we were doing. All of us had forgotten one or more of the steps to getting it right but interestingly, we all remembered a different part and combined, we were able to remember the whole process and finish the tie perfectly! It was fantastic watching someone get to a stand-still and another jump in to carry us to the next part lol.

I had hoped more people would bring step-by-step instructions or ROPE at the very least, so we didn’t quite have enough for everyone to practice with. While we have some we can share, please do not depend on this for the next group. It is very important for everyone to bring something to contribute. I’d like to see more books and photos to help us learn more.

Thank you to all those who attended, laughed, had fun with us, and to the wonderful people who allowed me to practice rope bondage on them. Since Moonchild Kitty was not there, I didn’t have the chance to fulfill my challenge of tying her so she can’t escape. However, hindsight, I’m REALLY glad I didn’t have to do it that day because my serious eff0rts to practice my technique on Kasandra resulted in a 30 second escape and a quickly defeated challenge lol…. I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME MY PRETTY, AND YOUR LITTLE KITTY TOO!!!

See you next month!

– Contessa Alura


Contessa’s Breath Play & Dunter’s Strangulation Play – Sept 22

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Since there are many people out there engaging or experimenting in high-risk BDSM activities, Dunter and I felt it was important to offer workshops that explored them, the risks,  and consequences in an attempt to make them safer. With a bit of knowledge and some strategies for reducing the risk instead of increasing it, people could be more prepared to deal with emergency situations and also practice better/safer techniques. We also wanted to be clear that not everyone is capable of carrying out some of these types of edge play, that it is may not be appropriate to their personality, coordination, observation, etc.

It takes a very keen sense of observation and connection to your partner when you are doing breath play. The risk is possible death, the risk is injury and that is NOT what you want. It should be a high intense activity that brings pleasure in the end.

We decided to do back to back workshops. Mine on Air Restriction, Dunter’s on Circulation Restriction (strangulation).

The breath play workshop was awesome. Kinky K, my sexy assistant, allowed me to demonstrate various types and techniques of breath play. We demonstrated re-breathing, suffocation with plastic bags, saran wrap and simply the hand. We discussed the signs of needing air, what is too long, how to determine the length of time one can be held without breathing before it is dangerous. I physically put Kinky K in all the situations to show what it looks like so people see his reactions, his body and eyes, his movements.

We had time to do a quick activity so everyone had the chance to learn a bit about their own breathing. I had everyone take out a clock and time themselves on how long they could hold their breath. We did that three times in a row and took a moment to reflect on their times.

I had a really great tie and positive feedback about the workshop.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

– Contessa Alura

… Some of the photos from Dunter’s wokshop are posted below. We hope to have a posting about his workshop soon.

Saxnot’s Rope Bondage 101 / Ligotage 101- Sept 5

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I attended my first rope bondage workshop – extremely informative.

Lord Saxnot taught in a fun, yet professional way. We learned a lot about the properties of rope, safety, the physiology of using rope, as well as the psychological effects of rope bondage. A sure sign of an excellent workshop is how fast the time went by.

We had some good hands-on practice and had a lot of fun with it.

I have been fascinated with rope bondage for a long time now, but had so little knowledge about it, it seemed intimidating. After taking this workshop, I feel even more interested in the subject and feel eager to learn more and more knots.

I was totally sold on the superiorty of hemp rope in any case. We are very fortunate in Montreal to have a resource like the ALCC which provides this kind of education.

Looking forward to the 202 workshop!

– petal


J’ai assisté à mon premier atelier de ligotage – extrêmement instructif.

Lord Saxnot enseigne de façon amusante, mais professionnelle. Nous avons beaucoup appris sur les propriétés de la corde, la sécurité, la physiologie de la cordes, ainsi que les effets psychologiques du ligotage. Un signe sûr qu’un atelier est passionnant est la vitesse à laquelle le temps file!

Nous avons eu aussi pu pratiquer, ce qui était très amusant.

Ça fait longtemps que le ligotage me fascine, mais je ne m’y connaissais pas du tout. Après l’atelier, le sujet m’intéresse encore plus, et j’ai très envie d’apprendre de plus en plus de noeuds.

Je suis maintenant aussi convaincu de la supériorité de la corde de chanvre. Nous sommes très chanceux à Montréal d’avoir une ressource comme le CCVA qui offre ce type de formation.

J’ai hâte à l’atelier 202!

– petal