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Impervia – Jan 29th


The ALCCVA was at Impervia, put on by the Royal Penthouse, on January 29th, and what an event!  The ALCCVA was represented well there, with many members giving demo’s in the dungeon area, and helping to monitor the dungeon.

Impervia had many wonderful shows, including fire dancers, pole dancers and more. The performances were flawless as usual!  Between shows the partygoers would dance, mingle, and socialize.

In the dungeon, Pat Pierce did an amazing needle play demo, where not only were needles placed meticulously and in a beautiful pattern, but the girl having her mouth stitched shut. The result when he was done was simply awesome.

The ALCCVA Team had some floggings going on (yours truly was the recipient of a 4-on-1 flogging… most wonderful!), as well as mummification, and some mummified breath play with a gas mask.

Congrats to Conrad and crew for putting on such an amazing event!

And thank you to the ALCCVA team that helped – Contessa Alura, kinky_k, petal, Sadistfaction, Gilles, Blue-Eyed Eve, and do I thank myself? lol

– Vanessa

Trinity Nights Fundraiser, Royal Penthouse, Dec 4

The Royal Penthouse held a fun-raiser for the ALCCVA on Saturday the 4th, and we would first like to thank them all for this! To everyone involved with the Royal Penthouse we thank you very, very much! It is a wonderful, beautiful place run by some very great, cool, and accepting people. Again, thank you!

We had a couple of stations set up, a violet wand one with the knowledgable and simply amazing Satanica, and me, Vanessa, with a mummification one. Very understandably the violet wand was very much a success! And even I, yours truly who has been in the lifestyle longer than she cares to think had a chance to experience the violet wand for the first time, and did in fact hit subspace from it. So, for those interested in the violet wand… watch for Satanica’s next workshop! Highly recommended!

For those not familiar with the Royal Penthouse, it has many stations, and is a very classy organization. I was very impressed with everything, from friendliness to quality of station furniture. For those interested in it, stay tuned as contact information will be posted soon!

– Vanessa Fetish