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Bondage & Kink! / Ligotage et Kink!

Francais ci dessous


Sunday the 15th of May saw a lot of kink, from bondage to bringing kink out of you and not needing to feel any shame. We had a Bondage 101, Conscious Kink, then the Bondage Practice group!

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More BDSM Beginnings

BDSM For Beginners, Sept 14, 2011

Contessa Alura gave her workshop for BDSM For Beginners, which was very well attended (we had to fetch extra seating Read the rest of this entry

Beginnings… everyone begins somewhere!

BDSM Play for Beginners

The BDSM Play for beginners workshop is probably the one with the most material to cover.  It deals with all aspects of BDSM play from finding people to play, negociating a scene, play safety with demos and a play scene scenario.  Contessa Alura also suggested play kits for both beginners and more advanced players.  These kits should be part of anyone looking for play.  Just a warning for future volunteers in this workshop,  bring some lipstick.  Why?  Well Contessa Alura likes to mark the the areas where the person shoulnd’t be hit .  She had to use a permanent marker on me…lol.  A very informative and detailed workshop.  All beginners and even more advanced players will find this workshop interesting.  Also this workshop was being filmed for a documentary that will be shown in France.

– Gilles

Spanking surprises

   Our new workshop coordonator LilyFrancfort offered a very nice workshop on spanking and percussion play.  She introduced herself since she started out liking to be spanked for sensual feelings.  Eventually she started spanking for giving those feelings to others.  She talked about paddling and using different vanilla implements to do it.  She did a few demonstrations on her slave.  After that she let a few volunteers taste her spanking techniques.  And let others a chance to spank her sub.  A very interesting workshop.  We are looking forward to more workshops with her.
– Gilles

So you wanted to learn about crossdressing?

Intro to Cross-dressing:
I want to thank the attendees to my first workshop on Cross-Dressing who were enthusiastic and curious on the subject. Cross-dressing in itself is a big topic, and a lifestyle which is close to my heart. After many years, I have finally come to accept that it is a part of me, and a great source of fun and discovery. I showed off some of my outfits too & appreciated the feedback.
– petal, Website

Oh, Yeah, That’s a Paddlin’!!!!

We had a huge turn-out for this workshop. I didn’t know so many people were
interested in paddling. In fact there were a bunch of RSVP’s that couldn’t make
it so I’ve decided to hold it again, this time on a Sunday in July. Check the
My delicious demonstration model, Jared, was a real sport even stripping
down nude for the occasion. All of us in the room had quite a treat starring at
his yummy butt while my paddle redened it haha.
I was able to cover all the material about paddling I wanted to and was
happy that there were great questions from the attendees.
During the hands-on practice part, one of the lovely attendees, Tribeka
sure had fun learning to paddle on Jared… she was a natural with that paddle
too bad for him. He certainly put his ass on the line for that workshop lol. And
he didn’t even have any bruises… I’ll have to ask him in a few days if he had
any souvenirs 😉
I basically went over all the technicalities, types of paddles, and safety,
followed by a demonstration. According to my evaluations, everyone enjoyed it
and learned a great deal.
Be careful out there, we have a group of new paddlers out there just
waitiing for a victim to practice on 🙂
– Contessa Alura, Director of Education

Bondage mountain – Apr13

A FULL HOUSE for this bondage workshop, we almost had to sit people on top of one another.
There was a great deal of action and of course tying everywhere.
Join us next month for beginners bondage but check the schedule for details about our new policy changes.

– Contessa Alura

Information! Ve Vant Information!

Interrogation Scenes: The interrogation workshop was interesting to say the least. I certainly did not expect to get a true accounting of how it’s actually done in the military as well as getting some true life experiences. The instructor’s knowledge and enthusiasm on interrogations and its techniques was obvious and the attendees were very quick to extrapolate the “mind fuck” goals  of interrogations and apply thess to the practical aspects of BDSM scenes. I truly look forward to my next interrogation scene… I think… but.. then again, maybe not… oh damn… I don’t remember what I said before… oh shit… 🙂  
Kinky K

Violet Wand 101 November 21, by Satanica

violet wand

The Violet Wand is such an interesting and beautiful device just to look at, let alone to play with. Satanica was the highly knowledgeable and fun instructor for this type of electrical play. Her skill and enthusiasm for the Violet Wand made the workshop extremely enjoyable. She explained some of the intricacies of the apparatus, such as types of electrodes, indirect vs. direct action, key safety points, amongst others.

Satanica also had some wonderful advice for play, saying that “communication is the key”.

There seem so many possibilities for the Violet Wand. It does indeed seem that there is no limit apart from your imagination, as Satanica said. Thank you Satanica for showing us what imagination can do!

– petal

Satanica Violet Wand 101 November 10, 2010

violet wand

   The workshop started with a brief history of the violet wand and of some of it’s early use.  It mainly appeared around the beginning of the 20th century.  Some of it’s early use was to treat certain skin problems.  Today it’s still in use to dissinfect the skin after removal of black heads or other skin treatment.. 

   Satanica then explained the differences between the old violet wands with a wax core and the newer ones with a ceramic core.  After that she started explaining the different types of play with the wand.  Including direct contact, indirect contact via the top (dominant) and finally indirect contact via the bottom (submissive). 

   She then started demonstrating different electrodes on her lovely model.  During this she explained the safety factors and risk of violet wand play.  3 main reasons you should not play with a violet wand.  1- You are epileptic.  2- You have heart problems. 3- You have a pacemaker.

   She demonstrated the 3 main types of play with different electrodes.  All having different levels of intensity and effects.  Finally she concluded the workshop on how to clean your wand and how to maintain it in top shape.

   A very informative workshop.

– Glovesub