Bisexual Group – October 9th

bisexualThe Bisexual Group gathered on October 9th. After a round-table of presentations, we attacked this month’s main subject: pornography! The subject was dissected meticulously and we proceeded to discuss about the influence of Internet over our sexuality. We had a brief digression about strict hetero-/homosexual orientations, and touched the subject of common issues and solutions between bisexuals, which is the essence of this group.
A popular subject came back up, about the relative abundance of labels and their role in communication, self-identification, self-acceptance and the “you are not alone” effect. The group finished over some philosophical discussion about sexual ideology (the ensemble of all subjects pertaining to sexuality) that led us to discuss possible activities in the near future to gather as many bisexuals as possible. I took good notes of them and will start doing the necessary research to make them happen shortly.

See you next month! Prince

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